The application of social media in science communication in the perspective of use and satisfaction theory// TAO Xiandu,# HUANG Jie

Science Education and Museums - - —期本 专题:科学传播学与科学博物馆— -

First-author's address# School of Journalism and Communication& Film and Television Arts in Hunan University, e-mail: Abstract# With social media development rapidly and used widely, science museums as important places of science communication should use social media to improve science communication effect. Science museums only emphasize/ the dissemination of content has been unable to adapt to the

change of social environment. they need convert idea in the internet era, because social media shows its important position. The use of social media by science museums in the course of science communication is conducive to the widespread participation, personalized communication, and online and offline integration. based on the statistical analysis of the use of social media such as wechat and Microblog, the characteristics of social media in science museums were discussed. From the point of view of "use and satisfaction" theory, some suggestions for improving the use of social media in science museums were put forward. Keywords science museum, science communication, social media, use and satisfaction

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