The orientation, function and development countermeasure of university museums in Shanghai// ZHANG Kai

Science Education and Museums - - — 探索— -

Author's address Qian xuesen library & museum, e-mail: Abstract Starting from the general situation and existing problems of the university museums in Shanghai, the article points out that the reason is that the university itself is not clear about the orientation and function of the university museums. Subsequently, the article puts forward that university museums in Shanghai should be based on the museum property, adhering to the professional, academic, public welfare development orientation. Based on the basic functions of museums and the characteristics of university museums, this paper expounds the functions of university museums in five aspects, such as teaching, scientific research, social service, cultural heritage and the relationship between the city and the university. at the end of the article, the author puts forward three suggestions on the development of university museums in Shanghai, that is improving the preparation process, standard and scheme of university museums; focusing on the overall planning and assessment of the school, and encouraging university museums to participate in university teaching and research; good integration of resources, and further promoting the opening up of university museums and the museum's social education. Keywords Shanghai, university museums, orientation, function

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