“Virtuality” and “Reality”: Interactive installation art with technology as a means of communication//

Science Education and Museums - - —期本 专题:科学传播学与科学博物馆— -

FAN Huan Author's address Sichuan fine arts institute, e-mail: crisly@foxmail.com Abstract The problem of the aesthetics relationship between “virtual” and “real” in the traditional period of art, which mainly rely on the two-dimensional plane symbol to shaping, coloring and composition, so as to achieve the unity of artistic conception. And after finishing the extension of material from ready-made to installation, contemporary art turns to the exploration of digital device art interactive experience, coerced in the era of digital information technology, and the tide of rapid development of science and technology. today, the new media art row upon row leading by electronic digital, information technology and biological chemistry, which in the application and dissemination process of scientific and technological, for the audience to build an virtual and real situation of art based on interactive experience. this change of the relationship between virtuality and reality greatly expanded the exploration boundary of the contemporary art material, and promoted the various possibilities of interdisciplinary and cross-media experimental art in the new interactive relationship. Keywords contemporary art, science, interactive installation, virtuality and reality

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