The up­heavals caused by ma­jor re­form at a film stu­dio be­gin with an of­fi­cial an­nounce­ment that the com­pany's state sup­port is com­ing to an end:

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To all staff at our film stu­dio, af­ter this sum­mer games, our stu­dio will of­fi­cially be­come a joint-stock sys­tem com­pany. Di3ny@ngch2ng de qu1nt@ zh!g4ng­men, j~nti`n y&nd7nghu# zh~h7u, z1n­men ch2ng ji& g2ich9ng g^f-nzh# le. 电影厂的全体职工们,今天运动会之后,咱们厂就改成股份制了。 Life­long jobs will no longer ex­ist. What you'll eat de­pends on your abil­ity. D2 p7 le ti0f3n­w2n, z1n­men ji&y3o k3o z#j@ de zh8n b0n­shi ch~f3n le. 打破了铁饭碗,咱们就要靠自己的真本事吃饭了。 I hope you'll all make good use of your abil­i­ties and have a bright fu­ture. X~w3ng d3ji` d4u n9ng f`hu~ z#j@ de n9ngl#, d4u n9ng y6u ge h2o f`zh2n. 希望大家都能发挥自己的能力,都能有个好发展。 At the same time, I hope with those with tal­ents still re­mem­ber our stu­dio and con­tinue to make money with us. T5ngsh! y0 x~w3ng y6u n9ngl# de t5ngzh#, h1i n9ng xi2ngzhe z1n­men ch2ng, du4 w-i z1n­men ch2ng m5u f%l#. 同时也希望有能力的同志,还能想着咱们厂,多为咱们厂谋福利。

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