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今期關於永利拉斯維加斯的蛋糕藝術大師Flora Aghababyan的幕後故事,照片全部由Emily Wil­son拍攝。她最近移居拉斯維加斯,見到歷經改造、煥發新生的市中心地區,感覺極為驚喜。她喜歡這裡人人都是腳踏實地的夢想家,洋溢著創業精神的感覺。她說:「我非常高興能為永利雜誌拍攝照片,因為雜誌裡採訪的人物都是專業領域裡的頂尖高手。能拍攝Flo­ra工作的情景讓我非常難忘,她的動作就像舞者一樣優雅,又像外科醫生一樣嚴謹精確。」 This is­sue’s Back Story on Wynn Las Vegas baker Flora Aghababyan was pho­tographed by Emily Wil­son. A re­cent trans­plant to Las Vegas, Wil­son was im­me­di­ately fas­ci­nated with the work be­ing done to re­vi­tal­ize the city’s down­town area; she is drawn to the aura sur­round­ing do­ers and dreamers, peo­ple who em­body an en­tre­pre­neur­ial spirit. “I love shooting for Wynn magazine,” says Wil­son, “be­cause those in­di­vid­u­als fea­tured are al­ways at the top of their re­spec­tive pro­fes­sions. Watch­ing Flora work was mag­i­cal. She moved and worked grace­ful as a dancer and bal­anced it all with the pre­ci­sion of a sur­geon.”

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