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Ann Wy­coff為《San Diego Magazine》、《Coastal Liv­ing》等雜誌撰寫旅行和生活品味的文章。在不寫稿的時候,她會去Ba­ja一帶的海灘和釀酒區旅行,或者去猶他州的Park City。今期她寫的《終極嚮往之地》High West釀酒廠專題,就發生在Park City。Wy­cof­f與High West的主人David Perkin­s坐下來好好地聊了一場,關於釀酒廠的歷史故事,關於他們那些風味獨特的威士忌。Wy­cof­f認為:「High West釀酒廠有種敢於挑戰傳統的反叛精神,這裡的威士忌就像整個城市一樣性格鮮明,敢於冒險、有趣又優雅的氣質集於一身。」 Ann Wy­coff is a travel and life­style writer whose work has ap­peared in San Diego Magazine, Coastal Liv­ing, and more. When she’s not writ­ing, she’s ex­plor­ing Baja’s beaches and wine coun­try or the moun­tains around Park City, Utah, where High West Dis­tillery, the sub­ject of her piece, “Manifest Des­tiny,” is lo­cated. Wy­coff sat down with bio­chemist and High West owner David Perkins to learn more about the brand’s her­itage, his­tory, and dis­tinct fla­vors. “High West em­bod­ies that rene­gade spirit,” Wy­coff says. “Both the whiskey and the town have great char­ac­ter, a sense of ad­ven­ture and play­ful­ness, and class.”

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