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The ce­le­bra­ti­on of Jazz In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Day, pro­clai­med in No­vem­ber, 2011 by the UN Ge­ne­ral Con­fe­ren­ce for Edu­ca­ti­on, Sci­en­ce and Cul­tu­re (UNES­CO) on April 30 every ye­ar, be­co­mes a feast of uni­ver­sal cha­rac­ter. The one for 2017 to­ok pla­ce in Ha­va­na, a city that has en­joyed a thri­ving jazz sce­ne for many ye­ars.

Thus, the Cuban ca­pi­tal, on that day, joi­ned va­ri­ous pla­ces, that in mo­re than 190 coun­tri­es from all con­ti­nents, paid a de­ser­ved ho­ma­ge to what is con­si­de­red the first sound lan­gua­ge of the past 20th cen­tury, with thou­sands of per­for­man­ces and ra­dio or TV pro­grams. The­se ce­le­bra­ti­ons at world le­vel cul­mi­na­ted with a con­cert at Gran Te­a­tro de La Habana Ali­cia Alon­so, un­der the aus­pi­ces of the Cuban Mi­nistry of Cul­tu­re and the Cuban Na­ti­o­nal Com­mis­si­on for UNES­CO. Du­ring the con­cert, bro­ad­cas­ted li­ve via stre­a­ming, an ex­tra­or­di­nary cast of ar­tists paid ho­ma­ge to jazz as an ar­tis­tic form that trans­cends the li­mits es­ta­blis­hed by na­ti­o­nal fron­ti­ers.

Ame­ri­can pi­a­nist Her­bie Han­cock, Go­odwill Am­bas­sa­dor of UNES­CO for the in­ter­cul­tu­ral di­a­lo­gue and one of the two ar­tis­tic di­rec­tors of this gre­at con­cert on April 30—the ot­her was our Chuc­ho Valdés—, com­men­ting on the desig­na­ti­on of Cu­ba for this feast, ex­pres­sed: «Afro­cu­ban jazz and its rich his­tory ha­ve played a fun­da­men­tal ro­le in the evo­lu­ti­on and en­rich­ment of jazz as a gen­re in ge­ne­ral. The in­com­pa­ra­ble trum­pet player Dizzy Gi­lles­pie and de­ar Cuban mu­si­ci­ans Ma­rio Bauzá, Mac­hi­to and Cha­no Po­zo ins­ti­lled Afro­cu­ban rhythms in Ame­ri­can jazz and cre­a­ted a com­ple­tely new vi­brant sound that de­fi­nes mo­dern mu­sic. That is why we are so ple­a­sed that Ha­va­na is the host city for the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Jazz Day, 2017 at world le­vel. On be­half of the who­le fa­mily of jazz mu­si­ci­ans, of all tho­se who te­ach jazz and who en­joy it, I would like to thank Ha­va­na ci­ti­zens and from Cu­ba for their enor­mous sup­port to this ge­nui­nely glo­bal mu­si­cal ar­tis­tic sty­le».

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