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On­ce again, Ha­va­na's Len­non Park re­gains the splen­dor it had twenty fi­ve ye­ars ago, when it be­ca­me the pu­blic spa­ce our mu­si­ci­ans bor­rowed to sum­mon crowds every De­cem­ber 8, as a tri­bu­te to John Len­non. Such was the sig­ni­fi­can­ce of this event that sculp­tor Vi­lla So­be­rón re­cre­a­ted a sculp­tu­ral en­sem­ble of this ex-be­at­le se­a­ted on a bench of the park, which mo­nu­ment was un­vei­led by com­man­der in chi­ef Fi­del Cas­tro along with trou­ba­dour Sil­via Ro­dri­guez on De­cem­ber, 2000.

Alt­hough the sculp­tu­re is con­ti­nu­ously vi­si­ted eit­her by na­ti­o­nals or even­tu­al fo­reig­ners vi­si­ting our country, last Ju­ne1 the­re to­ok pla­ce a cul­tu­ral event we Cu­bans we­re not obli­vi­ous to. It was the pos­si­bi­lity of being able to en­joy, si­de by si­de to this Len­non of the park, a gre­at gig com­me­mo­ra­ting the fif­ti­eth an­ni­ver­sary of the re­le­a­se for the Bri­tish market of Sgt. Pep­per’s Lo­nely He­art Club Band re­cord by The Be­at­les.

It is ob­vi­ous that all the pre­vi­ous work ma­de by the “Li­ver­po­ol Boys” be­fo­re the abo­ve­men­ti­o­ned al­bum is ex­tre­mely well known, but frankly the pre­sen­ce of Sgt. Pep­per's… al­bum not only me­ant a re­marka­ble pro­po­sal in the band's re­per­toi­re but re­pre­sents a sig­nal of ha­ving re­ac­hed that pro­fes­si­o­nal ma­tu­rity that trans­for­med the pros­pects of rock fo­re­ver.

If, on oc­ca­si­on of the inau­gu­ra­ti­on of the sta­tue in Len­non's Park, we sta­ted that Len­non felt gre­at in his new ho­me due to the gre­at af­fec­ti­on Cu­bans felt for him, this has not­hing to do with fic­ti­on. We are simply the spokes­men of a po­pu­lar will of all tho­se who as­su­me The Be­at­les mu­sic with the sa­me uni­ver­sal cla­mor of all pe­o­ples of the world. So, Len­non has a per­ma­nent re­si­dent sta­tus be­cau­se he fe­els Cuban.

And from this very park na­med on his ho­nor, mu­si­ci­ans and fans of his band, who are thou­sands in our country, on Ju­ne 1 we ho­no­red a work of ex­cep­ti­o­nal art in the his­tory of mu­sic. To­get­her with his best smi­le, Len­non rei­te­ra­ted to us, on­ce again, the pro­found va­lue of one of the most fa­mous cho­ru­ses of his songs: All you need is love…!

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