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Swab Bar­ce­lo­na is pre­sen­ting, from Sep­tem­ber 28 to Oc­to­ber 1, 2017, one very spe­ci­al edition: its 10th an­ni­ver­sary. This is why the fair con­so­li­da­tes it­self on a mo­re ma­tu­re pro­fi­le, showing ar­tists and ga­lle­ri­es of outs­tan­ding tra­jec­to­ri­es along with the most re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve of the emer­ging sce­ne that has his­to­ri­cally be­en its rai­son d´être.

For this new edition, Swab will dis­play 80 ga­lle­ri­es from around the world, ex­pan­ding is ge­ne­ral pro­gram and com­mit­ted it­self for the cu­ra­ted pro­grams.

So­lo Swab is pre­sen­ted again, cu­ra­ted by Di­re­lia La­zo and Zai­da Tra­lle­ro, with a se­lec­ti­on of so­lo pro­jects of emer­ging La­tin-ame­ri­can ar­tists and with a marked so­ci­o­po­li­ti­cal con­tent. Fo­cus Ma­greb, cu­ra­ted by Xa­vi­er de Lu­ca, has be­en ex­pan­ded in this new edition to Fo­cus Mediterráneo, af­ter the suc­cess of the 2016 edition. It has in­de­pen­dent ga­lle­ri­es and plat­forms ba­sed on the Mediterranean re­gi­on, with its link and con­trasts.

Swab Se­ed and Swab per­for­man­ce are pre­sent on­ce again, with both pro­grams being Swab´s most ex­pe­ri­men­tal and fresh pro­grams.

IN/OUT ex­pands and con­so­li­da­tes its pro­gram. Cu­ra­ted by Fre­de­ric Mon­tor­nés and Im­ma Pri­e­to, on­ce again it sta­tes an al­ter­na­ti­ve con­cept wit­hin the fra­mework of art fairs, whe­re works in group show that in­vol­ve Ca­ta­lan and Spa­nish ga­lle­ri­es will be pre­sen­ted. Swab on Pa­per con­so­li­da­tes it­self with a se­lec­ti­on of ga­lle­ri­es with only one pro­ject ba­sed on pa­per for­mat.

Lastly, My­faf (My first Art Fair) con­ti­nu­es to of­fer the newer ga­lle­ri­es the op­ti­on of get­ting free ac­cess to their first in­ter­na­ti­o­nal art fair.

Swab City go­es through the fair and the ga­llery walls to bring art clo­ser to the com­mon ci­ti­zen, with ins­tall­ments and ac­ti­vi­ti­es in ins­ti­tu­ti­ons and pu­blic spa­ces that will be dis­played du­ring Swab´s days to pro­mo­te the idea of the con­tem­po­rary art we­ek in Bar­ce­lo­na. Swab Stairs and Swab Kids are the pro­po­sals that will be dis­played out­si­de the fair´s sc­he­du­le and all over Bar­ce­lo­na´s me­tro­po­li­tan area.

Swab Bar­ce­lo­na ho­pes to ce­le­bra­te the­se ten ye­ars with its most spe­ci­al edition.

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