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A “new” New York emer­ges in­si­de “Be­ni­to Or­tiz Bor­rell” Art Ga­llery in Tri­ni­dad city, af­ter cros­sing an al­most im­pas­sa­ble spa­ti­al and cul­tu­ral fron­ti­er and making its way up to this small city in the cen­ter of Cu­ba by the hand of ar­tist Alejandro López.

At this sin­gu­lar ex­hi­bi­ti­on, the ar­tist has trans­mu­ted a po­ten­ti­al of me­a­nings born from an in­ti­ma­te need for ge­ne­ro­sity and the wish to sha­re his vi­tal ex­pe­ri­en­ces with the au­di­en­ce.

Through a ma­ze of drawings, pic­tu­res, ins­ta­lla­ti­ons, and can­va­ses, Alejandro cre­a­tes a per­so­nal set design for an ico­no­clas­tic pro­duc­ti­on whe­re the ele­ments cho­sen, eit­her by spi­ri­tu­al af­fi­nity or by its own im­por­tan­ce as cul­tu­ral ima­ges, are the main ac­tors of its plot. An un­pre­ju­di­ced puzz­le whe­re each pi­e­ce fits or con­nects it­self with the next one in a play­ful ga­me of quo­tes and re­fe­ren­ces, and a con­ti­nu­ous exc­han­ge of rhythms, co­lors, and sig­nals, sha­pes a re­cog­ni­za­ble sky­li­ne of high buil­dings that re­flect each ot­her, among count­less bill­bo­ards, key works of con­tem­po­rary art and po­pu­lous stre­ets whe­re beings and sig­ns of a to­tally cos­mo­po­li­tan uni­ver­se walk on. This is a com­ple­te im­mer­si­on in the art and arc­hi­tec­tu­re of a city of whirls and lights, of dark gray and bright oran­ge to­nes, an is­land and a con­ti­nent at the sa­me time.

Nueva City is not con­fi­ned to show so­ci­al re­a­li­ti­es, or cul­tu­ral or po­li­ti­cal ste­re­oty­pes, but points to a re­alm that is ever emer­ging, that sprouts up from the un­ex­pec­ted chan­ce en­coun­ter at the turn of any cor­ner of this gre­at city.

The ar­tist turns the au­di­en­ce in for­ced pe­des­tri­ans of an ecs­ta­tic city, squas­hed to­get­her in­si­de the nar­row halls of the ga­llery. The use of pro­vo­ca­ti­ve ma­te­ri­als and forms on sha­ping the pi­e­ces, the de­li­be­ra­te gui­dan­ce of at­ten­ti­on through sig­nals, co­lors, and ob­jects, and the witty in­ter­ven­ti­on on the nar­row spa­ces of the ga­llery and its sur­roun­dings to pro­du­ce this illu­si­on of to­tal im­mer­si­on among the au­di­en­ce, make Nueva City an ex­pe­ri­en­ce of un­dis­pu­ta­ble a est­he­tic and con­cep­tu­al va­lu­es.

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