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A song writ­ten by the es­sen­ti­al Pe­ru­vi­an Cha­bu­ca Gran­da and sung by many sin­gers, among them the ex­ce­llent Mer­ce­des So­sa, ma­de a bridge in Li­ma, Pe­ru, pro­bably the most fa­mous one in our con­ti­nent.

It is El puente de los suspiros (The Bridge of Sighs), a le­gen­dary arc­hi­tec­to­ni­cal wo­o­den pi­e­ce built in 1876 in Li­ma´s Bar­ran­co neigh­bor­ho­od.

The bridge owes its na­me to being the most fre­quen­ted sce­ne by lo­vers at any time. Tra­di­ti­on go­es that who­e­ver cros­ses the bridge for the first time wit­hout bre­at­hing will ha­ve his love wish co­me true.

But let Cha­bu­ca's fa­mous song, en­tit­led puente de los suspiros and writ­ten in 1960, the one that sub­mer­ges us in its story.

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