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As the world of fairs and events of con­tem­po­rary art do­es not wind down, this co­lumn is ai­med to be­a­ring wit­ness to the mul­ti­ple car­di­nal points of Ibe­ro­a­me­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­be­an whe­re they re­ad us. We sha­re with you the­se 20 ye­ars of Gru­po Excelencias, so that you con­ti­nue to send warm mes­sa­ges of all kinds to our edi­to­ri­al of­fi­ce:

-Ar­te­ba is the first to send a big hug. It suc­cess­fully en­ded its 26th edition, and Di­na Ca­mo­ri­no wri­tes to Isel, our di­gi­tal edi­tor, from her press of­fi­ce: «Thanks so much for ac­com­pa­nying us».

-From Art Ba­sel we re­cei­ve news from ever-strict Fran­cois­crou­sant saying that Arte por Excelencias ma­ga­zi­nes sent to Swit­zer­land will be fe­a­tu­red by Ma­ga­zi­ne ex­clu­si­ve sec­tor, as we ha­ve be­en doing for al­most ten ye­ars.

-The Cuban pa­vi­li­on has be­en very busy at the 57th Bi­en­ni­al of Ve­ni­ce. And last Mon­day se­e­med ne­ver-en­ding. This was con­fir­med to us by most ef­fi­ci­ent Qui­que Mar­tí­nez, from In­ge­ni­e­ría del Arte.

-Con­gra­tu­la­ti­ons for all tho­se who, in Ife­ma, sup­por­ted 2nd Art Lis­boa, at Cor­do­a­ria Na­ci­o­nal pre­mi­ses last May, which ra­ti­fi­ed the de­cla­ra­ti­on of lu­sa city as the Ibe­ro­a­me­ri­can Ca­pi­tal of Cul­tu­re.

-The third edition of Art Mar­be­lla con­firms that «all the area along cos­ta del Sol is an in­teres­ting and ap­pe­a­ling market». We are gre­e­ting his di­rec­tor Alejandro Za­ia, who­se te­am has al­re­ady gat­he­red 120 collec­tors and mo­re than 12,000 spec­ta­tors.

-The sa­me hap­pens with Sa­lón del An­ti­cu­a­rio, Zo­na Ma­co. Our stand in DF brought about new con­tacts with the or­ga­ni­zers of this Me­xi­can fair, and their

pro­po­sal for us to ac­com­pany them in this event. It is an ho­nor for us.

-In Spain, the num­ber of fairs ce­le­bra­ted on an an­nu­al ba­sis has grown to mo­re than 300, and the sa­me hap­pe­ned with the num­ber of fo­reign ex­hi­bi­tors. Even HM king Fe­li­pe VI has high­ligh­ted the ro­le that the­se events play «as fun­da­men­tal pi­llars of com­mer­ci­al pro­mo­ti­on».

-We would like to know mo­re about Arte San­tan­der and the twen­ti­eth edition that will take pla­ce in Can­ta­bria at the end of next July, with the no­velty that Cen­tro Bo­tín will be inau­gu­ra­ted.

-The of­fi­ci­al an­noun­ce­ment for 25 Es­tam­pa Ma­drid has be­en clo­sed, one of the ol­dest and most con­so­li­da­ted fairs of Spa­nish ar­tis­tic sce­ne. The si­te for the event is Na­ve 16 de Ma­ta­de­ro, Sep­tem­ber 21 to 24.

-We are al­so me­dia part­ners of the ten ye­ars that Swab Bar­ce­lo­na is ce­le­bra­ting, a re­fe­ren­ti­al fair that con­so­li­da­tes it­self in the in­de­pen­dent sec­tor with mo­re that 80 ga­lle­ri­es around the world. -Ar­co Ma­drid is sen­ding us the no­ti­ce that their an­noun­ce­ment for 2018 is still open un­til July 3. Re­quests to par­ti­ci­pa­te may be down­lo­a­ded from the fair's web­pa­ge:­co.ife­

-From Ro­me, Jack Con­tem­po­raryarts TV, the first web TV chan­nel de­vo­ted to art, is in­vi­ting mu­seums and ot­her ins­ti­tu­ti­ons in La­tin Ame­ri­ca to join them.

-Arte por Excelencias is launc­hing in the www our new ima­ge for the di­gi­tal ma­ga­zi­ne Arte por Excelencias. May you sha­re it, fri­ends in art and cul­tu­re, in Ibe­ro­a­me­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­be­an:­te­po­rex­ce­len­ci­

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