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A pro­fes­sor, wri­ter, and cul­tu­ral ma­na­ger Zu­li­an Alexis Fernández (Sur del La­go, 1951), with a long and re­now­ned ca­re­er as a pro­fes­sor eme­ri­tus at Zu­lia Uni­ver­sity, cul­tu­ral di­rec­tor (1992-1996), pre­si­dent of Apuz-ci­en­ci­as (1996-2000), foun­der of Ku­ru­vin­da (2005) pu­blis­hing hou­se and ma­ga­zi­ne, and the aut­hor of mo­re than twenty po­em bo­oks, a no­vel and his­to­ri­cal-li­te­rary re­se­arch, adds up this no­vel now to com­ple­te his ex­ten­si­ve work, that fe­a­tu­res one of the most im­por­tant cha­rac­ters that ha­ve be­en born on this “be­lo­ved sun land.”

The hou­se by the bay. Me­mo­ri­as of

Manuel Tru­ji­llo Durá­nes, a first­hand no­vel, pas­si­o­na­te and fas­ci­na­ting, to be re­ad wit­hout a bre­ak and le­arn first hand not only about the no­vel-like bi­o­graphy of en­tre­pre­neur, film maker, pho­to­grap­her, as­tro­no­mer, edi­tor, and in­ven­tor Manuel Tru­ji­llo Durán (Ma­ra­cai­bo, 1871-1933), but al­so about the cul­tu­ral and so­ci­al his­tory of this city at the turn of the 19th cen­tury and the 1900s.

All le­gends, sto­ri­es, and ta­les about that Ma­ra­cai­bo of yo­re co­me to li­fe in this illus­tra­ted no­vel by Alexis Fernández, who spent al­most a de­ca­de on doing re­se­arch on the main cha­rac­ter, his time and cir­cums­tan­ces, as well as on the collec­ting work of pho­tos, posters, let­ters, maps, and jour­na­lis­tic re­vi­ews all across Ve­ne­zu­e­la and the Co­lom­bi­an-ve­ne­zu­e­lan bor­der whe­re this bold pi­o­ne­er stam­ped his mark.

The no­vel is di­vi­ded in­to twenty-eight chap­ters re­e­led off in an en­ve­lo­ping and po­e­tic pro­se that do­es not ne­glect his­to­ri­cal re­se­arch, cap­tu­red in the last part of the bo­ok which de­tails the sour­ce of quo­tes and illus­tra­ti­ons. Each chap­ter rai­ses the cur­tain to show us so­me sta­ge in the story of a man's li­fe who, sin­ce his te­e­na­ge ye­ars, starts out as a cul­tu­ral pro­mo­ter, en­tre­pre­neur, pho­to­grap­her, film maker, and in­ven­tor, des­pi­te his own eco­no­mic dif­fi­cul­ti­es and the re­gi­on's po­li­ti­cal iso­la­ti­on du­ring Guzmán­blan­co´s, Ci­pri­a­no´s Cas­tro´s or Ju­an Vi­cen­te Gó­mez´s ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ons that always fa­vo­red the cul­tu­ral, so­ci­al and po­li­ti­cal de­ve­lop­ment of the ca­pi­tal area at the ex­pen­se of the rest of the country.

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