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Be­fo­re ADN, his first CD ma­de in Cu­ba, Alain Pe­rez had al­re­ady se­en the world bow to him on ac­count of per­so­nal pro­duc­ti­ons such as El des­a­fio, En el ai­re, Ape­te­ci­ble y Ha­blan­do con Ju­a­na, which he re­cor­ded right at the time the gre­at Pa­co de Lu­cia di­ed and who­se de­ath shocked him. It so hap­pe­ned that this dis­tin­guis­hed es­pi­ri­tu­a­no, who in­he­ri­ted a pas­si­on for mu­sic from his grand­fat­her, en­ded up in Spain af­ter roun­ding off his edu­ca­ti­on at Es­cu­e­la Na­ci­o­nal de Arte (ENA) whe­re, un­like most of his sc­ho­ol­ma­tes, he sto­od out in po­pu­lar mu­sic due to that per­fect mix­tu­re that he brought from the stre­et and the sc­ho­ol».

And not only did he per­form in Eu­ro­pe with the strong re­fe­ren­ce that ENA me­ans, but al­so sin­ce his sc­ho­ol days he star­ted to amass en­vi­a­ble ex­pe­ri­en­ces that tur­ned him in­to a lu­xu­ri­ous mu­si­ci­an such as to be a mem­ber of Irake­re band di­rec­ted by ma­es­tro Chuc­ho Val­des; and la­ter he was di­rec­ted by a re­now­ned fi­gu­re such as Is­sac Del­ga­do, with whom he per­for­med in Spain, whe­re he sig­ned up a con­tract with the com­pany that re­cor­ded El des­a­fío. But then the­re was the eco­no­mic cri­sis that ma­de all small re­cord la­bels go bank­rupt. «Ne­vert­he­less, I ne­ver stop­ped playing my bass. Du­ring that pe­ri­od, the fla­men­cos en­te­red my li­fe: icons of the most pro­found and com­plex Spa­nish mu­sic, which is al­re­ady part of my lan­gua­ge and my being, es­pe­ci­ally Pa­co de Lu­cia, with whom I re­cei­ved two Grammy Awards. But when Pa­co di­ed, and I told my­self: this high le­vel we re­ac­hed will ne­ver be re­pe­a­ted, so I de­ci­ded: “I am going to my be­au­ti­ful Cu­ba!”

«I ar­ri­ved he­re swo­llen with ple­a­su­re. So­me pe­o­ple fe­ar Cuban mu­sic be­cau­se they do not know that it is a he­art­be­at, a he­art, a lo­ok, black and whi­te, but I am Alain Pe­rez. I was ma­de out of el Benny, Cha­po­tin, Ce­lia, Ar­se­nio, Chuc­ho, For­mell, Adal­ber­to, Re­ve and NG la Ban­da. All that is the mu­sic´s DNA that is in my blood: fe­e­ling and blood flowing to­get­her».


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