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The Anacaona orchestra turns 85 ye­ars and con­ti­nu­es to be a bench­mark of Cuban cul­tu­re and a sour­ce of ins­pi­ra­ti­on for count­less la­di­e­sonly bands of dan­cing mu­sic around the world. On the oc­ca­si­on of that ce­le­bra­ti­on, Cla­ve Cubana, Agen­cia de Re­pre­sen­ta­ci­ón Ar­tís­ti­ca of Ar­tex S.A cul­tu­ral hol­ding, that re­pre­sents it, is an­noun­cing a tour around Ha­va­na's neigh­bor­ho­ods and pro­vin­ce ca­pi­tal ci­ti­es, whe­re the au­di­en­ce will be able to en­joy their con­certs.

Ál­va­ro Sar­mi­en­to, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of this agency, in an in­ter­vi­ew for Arte por Excelencias, go­es in­to de­tail when com­men­ting on this pro­mo­ti­o­nal pro­ject joi­ned by Bis Mu­sic, a re­cord la­bel, and Co­mer­ci­al Lau­ros, im­por­ting di­vi­si­on, both from Ar­tex S.A., Empresa Carnaval and Ins­ti­tu­to Cu­ba­no de la Música, the lat­ter both in char­ge of per­for­man­ces at pro­vin­ci­al the­a­ters. “Bis Mu­sic will pro­du­ce a re­cord with hits of Anacaona and a DVD with the con­cert that will take pla­ce at te­a­tro Me­lla next Oc­to­ber 21, fe­a­tu­ring Oma­ra Por­tu­on­do, the di­va of Bu­e­na Vis­ta So­ci­al Club, who par­ti­ci­pa­ted as a mem­ber of this em­ble­ma­tic orchestra in the 1940`s, as well as ot­her pres­ti­gi­ous Cuban mu­si­ci­ans”, he poin­ted out.

“In their per­for­man­ces, they will we­ar in­no­va­ti­ve desig­ns from Cu­ba­li dress­making li­ne, of Co­mer­ci­al Lau­ros, that pro­mo­te the works of plas­tic arts ar­tists of gre­at re­nown, and which pre­sen­ta­ti­on will take pla­ce in next Fe­ria Arte in La Ram­pa”.

Anacaona —an in­di­ge­nous word that re­fers to gol­den flower— ca­me in­to being in 1932 as a la­di­es' son sex­tet, ma­de up of Con­cep­ci­ón Cas­tro and her sis­ters Ada, Ali­cia, On­di­na, Xi­o­ma­ra, Al­gi­mi­ra, Em­ma, Ca­ri­dad and Ol­ga. Their de­but to­ok pla­ce on Fe­bru­ary 19 that sa­me ye­ar, at Te­a­tro Pay­ret in Ha­va­na.

De­cla­red as Cu­ba's Cul­tu­ral He­ri­ta­ge in 1989, as being the band that kept the sa­me mem­bers for the lon­gest time nons­top.

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