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Li­a­mer Lía Llo­ren­te Gón­go­ra and Eu­se­bio Pac­hi Ruiz Sil­vén are the foun­ders of the most mu­si­cal “brotherhood” the third vi­lla­ge of Cu­ba has ever had, still has and…will ever ha­ve?, beyond the na­me they ha­ve bor­ne sin­ce 1994, af­ter ha­ving par­ti­ci­pa­ted in se­ve­ral con­tests and ac­hi­e­ved pres­ti­ge in the trou­ba­dour guild of the country.

And by ha­ving fri­ends and sha­ring illu­si­ons they me­an “to open the do­ors of their ho­mes” - al­so na­med af­ter the group lo­ca­ted on the down­town Re­al stre­et, in the he­art of the his­to­ric cen­ter of Trinidad, to wel­co­me tho­se who ra­ve with go­od mu­sic, chil­dren with ar­tis­tic gifts and in­terests, and fo­reign vi­si­tors who co­me from ot­her parts of the world lo­oking for the­se beings.

Lía and Pac­hi´s pas­si­on go­es beyond the gui­tar and sin­ging. Both suc­cumb to chil­dren. For them, they foun­ded the Mu­si­car­te pro­ject, spon­so­red by the City of Trinidad and the Va­lle de los In­ge­ni­os Cu­ra­tor Of­fi­ce.

In 2008, jour­na­list Jo­sé Luis Es­tra­da Be­tan­court des­cri­bed them as one of the most im­pres­si­ve vo­cal du­ets of re­cent times in Cu­ba.

Per­haps be­cau­se of the ea­ger­ness to vin­di­ca­te song in the­se dif­fi­cult times, for the lo­ve that they pro­fess for the land of Trinidad that fos­te­red them, the so­ca­lled City Mu­se­um can­not li­ve wit­hout lis­te­ning to them.

Lia and Pac­hi are ti­re­less. In the last few ye­ars, they ha­ve ad­ded the + Nu­e­vo group to their work, with the pro­di­gi­ous voi­ce of Lu­ci­mi­la Ro­drí­guez del Rey, a for­mer mem­ber of the dis­ban­ded duo from Sanc­ti Spi­ri­tus Ai­re y Ma­de­ra.

Twenty ye­ars from that day on which they dre­a­med to­get­her whi­le watc­hing the sea from the pi­ers, everyt­hing re­mains the sa­me but mul­ti­pli­ed. They con­ti­nue to se­arch hig­her, as they wro­te in the song that has tur­ned out to be one of their most ac­clai­med ones: “to go hig­her,” re­gard­less of the risks, to se­arch in­sa­ti­ably for the me­a­ning that uni­tes them to bre­ak down the walls of the for­bid­den. The girl from Moa, Hol­guín and the young man from Flo­ri­da, Ca­ma­güey, who one day lon­ged to cre­a­te a brotherhood of two, to­day ha­ve Trinidad trap­ped in the strings of their gui­tar and their voi­ces.

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