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At the International The­a­ter Ins­ti­tu­te (ITI), ba­sed in Pa­ris, they are ex­tre­mely happy and gra­te­ful that it was pos­si­ble to ce­le­bra­te the World Dance Day in Ha­va­na, to­get­her with im­por­tant ce­le­bri­ti­es who de­li­ve­red be­au­ti­ful mes­sa­ges, at a ga­la per­for­man­ce truly emo­ti­o­nal and me­mo­ra­ble for the Gran Te­a­tro Ali­cia Alonso.

This International Day is ce­le­bra­ted every April 29, in ho­ma­ge to Je­an-ge­or­ges No­ver­re (1727-1810), the cre­a­tor of mo­dern ballet. And this ye­ar coin­ci­ded with the se­ven­ti­eth an­ni­ver­sary of the ITI, the first non-go­vern­men­tal or­ga­ni­za­ti­on foun­ded by UNESCO, right at the sa­me ti­me as the Na­ti­o­nal Ballet of Cu­ba was foun­ded, which has cre­a­ted a Cu­ban ballet sc­ho­ol thanks to a pu­blic po­licy of free ac­cess to ar­tis­tic edu­ca­ti­on.

"We ma­na­ged to con­so­li­da­te a sce­nic dance mo­ve­ment that fills a pla­ce of ex­cep­ti­on in our na­ti­o­nal cul­tu­re and en­joys an un­de­ni­a­ble re­cog­ni­ti­on on a worldwi­de sca­le," re­ads the mes­sa­ge of the pri­ma ba­lle­ri­na ass­so­lu­ta Ali­cia Alonso to the Ga­la for the World Dance Day. At the sa­me ti­me, she ur­ges that the chan­ce en­coun­ter of the­se da­tes "marks the con­so­li­da­ti­on and de­ve­lop­ment of new paths of co­lla­bo­ra­ti­on, to the glory of per­for­ming arts of the who­le world".

In the pre­vi­ous editorial by Ar­te por Ex­ce­len­ci­as, I said that “brick by brick a brid­ge is built,” in vi­ew of the mas­si­ve pre­sen­ce of North Ame­ri­can jazz mu­si­ci­ans in the past Jazz Pla­za International Fes­ti­val, and now of mo­re than two hun­dred Cu­ban ar­tists on the va­ri­ous sta­ges of the Ken­nedy Cen­ter in Was­hing­ton for over two we­eks, which will end on Ju­ne 3rd, on the for­ti­eth an­ni­ver­sary of the de­but of the Ballet Nacional de Cu­ba at the Ken­nedy Cen­ter and in the Uni­ted Sta­tes.

It con­firms, among ot­her re­a­sons, that the ITI has cho­sen, for its wel­co­ming words to the ce­le­bra­ti­on, the sa­me sym­bol to se­ek exc­han­ge with lo­cal ar­tists and the Cu­ban pe­o­ple: "If you lo­ok at the traf­fic on a brid­ge, you will see that it is always a two-way ro­ad. In our brid­ge, ide­as, ac­ti­ons, hu­ma­nis­tic and edu­ca­ti­o­nal ef­forts can always tra­vel both ways at all times ». And it is so that res­pect for pe­o­ple on both si­des of the brid­ge, wit­hout har­ming he­ge­mo­ni­es, is the ba­sis of mutual un­ders­tan­ding.

I ho­pe that, in the sa­me man­ner as the mes­sa­ges from dance per­so­na­li­ti­es from the fi­ve con­ti­nents from Ha­va­na ha­ve mul­ti­pli­ed, the Cu­ban art and cul­tu­re re­ac­hes the he­arts of the pe­o­ple in the USA ca­pi­tal. May they all ap­pre­ci­a­te in peace the uni­que strength of the in­vi­ted Cu­ban the­a­ter and dance com­pa­ni­es, the te­llu­ric mo­ve­ment of La­tin and Ca­rib­be­an jazz, the ins­ta­lla­ti­ons and per­for­man­ces, the imprint of Cu­ban ci­ne­ma and the re­newed mark of the BNC, and even the art and fas­hi­on shows, and the un­pa­ra­lle­led Cu­ban cock­tails, now that Ha­va­na is al­re­ady the ca­pi­tal of Ibe­ri­an-ame­ri­can cock­tails. Con­gra­tu­la­ti­ons!

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