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Mi­guel Iglesias has be­en pre­sen­ted with the Pre­mio Nacional de Danza 2018 (Na­ti­o­nal Dance Award, 2018) a re­cog­ni­ti­on that, alt­hough well-de­ser­ved for ye­ars, is not a crow­ning or a go­al for him, but just a for­tu­na­te point in a ca­re­er of bro­ad pro­jec­ti­ons and to­tal com­mit­ment.

Mi­guel ma­de his de­but in the Ballet de la Te­le­vi­si­ón Cu­ba­na (Cu­ban Te­le­vi­si­on Ballet) in 1967, and two ye­ars la­ter he tur­ned to clas­sic at the, un­til then, very young Ballet de Ca­ma­güey. He was the le­a­ding dan­cer and main cha­rac­ter of works by Al­ber­to Mén­dez, Iván Te­no­rio and Gus­ta­vo Her­re­ra, cho­re­o­grap­hed for the com­pany.

Just eight ye­ars af­ter his de­but on sta­ge, he be­ca­me a full mem­ber of the Con­jun­to Nacional de Danza Mo­der­na (Na­ti­o­nal Mo­dern Dance En­sem­ble.) The­re he dan­ced un­der the di­rec­ti­on of nu­me­rous cho­re­o­grap­hers and was part of the first pre­mi­e­res of Ma­ri­a­ne­la Boán and Ro­sa­rio Cár­de­nas. At a ti­me when the group was ca­lled Danza Nacional de Cu­ba, he was di­rec­ted by mu­si­ci­an Ser­gio Vi­ti­er.

Among the me­rits that ha­ve ma­de him de­ser­ve the Pre­mio Nacional de Danza (Na­ti­o­nal Dance Award) is his pe­da­go­gi­cal vo­ca­ti­on, in con­nec­ti­on with ar­tis­tic edu­ca­ti­on, which is evi­dent in nu­me­rous ac­ti­ons to pro­mo­te the event, beyond the high tech­ni­cal trai­ning that the dan­cers of the com­pany pos­sess.

Mi­guel al­so re­cei­ved the Pre­mio del Gran Te­a­tro de La Ha­ba­na “Ali­cia Alonso 2017” (Ali­cia Alonso 2017 Gran Te­a­tro Award) in Ha­va­na last Ja­nu­ary, as well as the fact that his group won one of the Vi­lla­nu­e­va awards from the cri­ti­que by Car­mi­na Bu­ra­na.

Fo­to: Adol­fo Iz­qui­er­do.

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