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With the dan­cers ac­cus­to­med to the ab­sen­ce of Ju­an For­mell, the Los Van Van pre­sents Le­ga­do (Le­gacy) at the be­gin­ning of 2018. It would be worth asking: is Van Van still the sa­me?

Le­gacy, cir­cu­la­ting un­der the Egrem la­bel, is not a mu­si­cal and sty­lis­tic tran­si­ti­on al­bum, alt­hough new mem­bers ha­ve joi­ned the orc­hes­tra, as is the ca­se of Ju­an Car­los and Va­nes­sa For­mell: the for­mer as a bass player and her as­su­ming the ro­le of vo­ca­list. Two of the many vir­tu­es of this pho­no­gram are: first, it is not shocking for the dan­cer to get used to the tim­bre and the turns of the new sin­ger who re­pla­ces Yenny Val­dés.

Se­cond, the work of Ju­an Car­los on the bass fo­llows so­me of the gui­de­li­nes on which the son­go was de­fi­ned from that ins­tru­ment, and alt­hough his strength is the gui­tar, this son of For­mel's takes the ins­tru­ment with dig­nity and en­ric­hes it with touc­hes of mo­dern jazz and rock.

The aut­hors that pay tri­bu­te to this pro­duc­ti­on do so by re­cre­a­ting the sa­me sto­ri­es that we ha­ve be­co­me ac­cus­to­med to when it co­mes to Los Van Van: sim­ple chro­ni­cles wit­hout gre­at lin­guis­tic com­pli­ca­ti­ons, sto­ri­es for dan­cing and sin­ging on any stre­et cor­ner. As a com­ple­ment - and he­re For­me­li­an phi­lo­sophy stands out - they re­cre­a­te the­mes that ne­ver go out of fas­hi­on, but from the dy­na­mics and the an­xi­e­ti­es of the man of the­se times.

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