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ith every de­tail in its pla­ce, per­fect wor­king or­der, this er­ce­des enz 220 E meets the le­vel of any car the­se days. e saw it with our own eyes. earn mo­re de­tails about this spectacular car, one of the grea­test ma­chi­nes we ha­ve ever re­vie­wed.

Ow­ned by Lair Lei­te, a bu­si­ness­man that has li­ved in Cu­ba for over twenty fi­ve years, the amazing vehi­cle is at its pri­me, with an ex­tra­or­di­nary le­vel of ori­gi­na­lity. Its ow­ner be­ca­me an ent­hu­siast of vin­ta­ge cars in Cu­ba. He pa­tiently loo­ked for one of his fa­vo­ri­te models. That was how he found an ex­clu­si­ve car and, by de­vo­ting ti­me and re­sour­ces, he tur­ned it in­to a gem. Lei­te was ne­ver at­trac­ted by tho­se U.S. “al­men­dro­nes”, be­cau­se of their rough and tri­vial sha­pes. The cha­llen­ge was to own a pe­cu­liar car, sin­ce the­re are mag­ni­fi­cent models from ot­her coun­tries in Cu­ba. That is how he found this Mer­ce­des Benz, the di­rect an­ces­tor of myt­hi­cal S Class.

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