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Romeo y Juli­eta, cre­ated as a Ha­bano brand back in 1875, is rooted in the Romeo and Juliet lit­er­ary tragedy penned by English au­thor Wil­liam Shakespeare.

The brand got in­ter­na­tional ac­claim in the early 20th cen­tury and it was no other than Win­ston Churchill one of its most de­voted smok­ers. Since his Ha­vana visit in 1946, his name was not only used in the Ha­bano bands, but it also gave birth to one of the brand's most renowned vitolas: Churchills de Romeo y Juli­eta.

To­day, Romeo y Juli­eta basks in the world lime­light as a pres­ti­gious brand that boasts the largest of all Ha­bano sizes, all of them to­tally hand­made with long filler.


Since its birth in 1875, Romeo y Juli­eta has beefed up as one of the most ac­claimed Ha­bano brands. It's mainly sought after by those who ap­pre­ci­ate bal­anced blends of ex­cel­lent scent.

This well-bal­anced and aro­matic blend, fea­tur­ing leaves for filler, binder and wrap­per hand­picked from the re­gion of Vuelta Abajo*, in Pi­nar del Río*, Cuba*, pro­vides Romeo y Juli­eta with this Ha­bano's clas­sic medium or mild taste.

The em­blem­atic Churchills vi­tola has never ceased get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter since its cre­ation. In 2006, the Short Churchills vi­tola was added to the brand's reg­u­lar port­fo­lio, a ro­busto that was ac­tu­ally miss­ing. Four years later in 2010, Wide Churchills popped up, in­tro­duced in its Gran Reserva and get­ting a big break in the 55 ring gauge as a fore­run­ner of a new trend that has caught on among lovers of thick cigars.

Con­strued per­haps as the brand's most his­toric size, Churchills has been cho­sen for this one-and-only out­put with an un­seen vi­tola, the GRAND CHURCHILLS 2018, ring gauge 56 x 190 mm long.


Out­stand­ing and work­man­like work­shop Elie Bleu in Paris and Jean-philippe Martin join hands once again to come up with this art­work in the shape of a hu­mi­dor, like they did for the de­sign­ing of the Cohiba 50th An­niver­sary hu­mi­dor.

The de­sign of the Gran Alianza hu­mi­dor per­fectly re­flects the brand's spirit by adding sim­plic­ity and beauty through a set of clas­sic lines. Har­mo­nious and in­no­vat­ing in the same breath, the piece is in­spired in the Re­nais­sance ar­chi­tec­ture and fur­ni­ture, well fit for a love scene be­tween those two lovers: Romeo and Juliet. The dou­ble arch in the shape of a trea­sure cof­fer in­vites to take a closer look in­side.

The true trea­sure is ac­tu­ally in­side this cof­fer, ma­jes­ti­cally dis­played on a curved tray spruced up with an in­ner arch.

A unique sys­tem of per­fo­rated trays – some­thing never done be­fore in a hu­mid­i­fier­al­lows for even hu­mid­ity cir­cu­la­tion in­side for the op­ti­mal preser­va­tion of the Ha­banos.

There are tech­ni­cal re­fine­ments of high es­thetic and emo­tional val­ues with rem­i­nis­cences of Re­nais­sance ar­chi­tec­ture.


This mag­nif­i­cent cof­fer keeps a one-and-only trea­sure in­side, ex­clu­sively man­u­fac­tured for the Ha­bano Fes­ti­val un­der the Romeo y Juli­eta brand and fea­tur­ing an un­seen cigar vi­tola: Grand Churchills, with a size up to par with its name (ring gauge 56 x 190 mm long).

This Gran Ha­bano is decked out with ex­clu­sive seals and brand­ings, bands and rib­bons de­signed for the oc­ca­sion. In ad­di­tion, the lower ends of these Ha­banos are cov­ered by gilt pa­per that not only pre­serves and pro­tects the qual­ity of these Ha­banos, but it also em­bel­lishes and makes the con­tent far more ex­clu­sive.

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