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Tourist ar­rivals reached 373,086 in Au­gust com­pared to 352,215 in the same month last year, an in­crease of 5.9%, ac­cord­ing to data re­leased by the Sta­tis­ti­cal Ser­vice Cy­s­tat. The monthly Pas­sen­gers Survey showed a 6.5% year-on-year rise in tourist ar­rivals from the U.K. (from 127,118 to 135,424), a 11.6% in­crease from Rus­sia (from 99,215 to 110,725) and 61.7% in­crease from Is­rael (from 8,164 to 13,201 this year).

How­ever, there was a 9.7% drop in ar­rivals from Swe­den (from 18,436 to 16,642), a 3.9% de­crease from Ger­many (8,356 from 8,693), a 14.5% drom from Norway (7,592 from 8,876) and 18.2% de­crease from Greece (7,472 from 9,129 last year).

For the Jan­uary-Au­gust pe­riod, tourist ar­rivals to­talled 1,734,880 com­pared to 1,637,792 in the cor­re­spond­ing pe­riod of 2013, an in­crease of 5.9%.

Mean­while, there was also a sig­nif­i­cant rise in trips by Cypriot res­i­dents abroad last month, up 17.3% year-onyear. The monthly Pas­sen­gers Survey found that 155,144 res­i­dents of Cyprus re­turned from a trip abroad in Au­gust, com­pared to 132,309 in the same month last year, an in­crease of 17.3%. How­ever, travel was some­what sub­dued last year due to the eco­nomic cri­sis and credit crunch, with con­sumer spend­ing gen­er­ally down.

In Au­gust, there was an in­crease of 34.9% in trips to Greece (from 53,816 to 72,616), but a 3.2% de­crease of the trips to the United King­dom (from 26,227 to 22,061).

A de­crease in trips abroad was also recorded in May and June, by 15.8 and 12.4%, re­spec­tively, ac­cord­ing to ear­lier Cy­s­tat data.

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