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Ap­ple Inc. CEO Tim Cook could run it for another decade, as­sum­ing the re­tire­ment age at the company is not 65. He is cur­rently 54. And, at Ap­ple, there is no rea­son to be­lieve the board will not pro­long Cook’s job at the top if he is do­ing it well.

Cook could see the re­lease of the iPhone 16, the iPad 12, as well as the Ap­ple Watch 9, an iTunes store with apps that op­er­ate well beyond any­thing con­sumers and busi­nesses can fathom, and ver­sions of the Mac that cur­rent PC users would not rec­og­nize to­day. Cook’s largest chal­lenge, how­ever, is almost cer­tainly the cre­ation of prod­ucts that are not on Ap­ple-con­trolled pro­duc­tion lines now, or even on its de­sign and draw­ing boards.

The most im­por­tant cau­tion­ary story for Ap­ple is Sony Corp. It once ruled the por­ta­ble de­vice business, as well as high-end sec­tors for cam­eras and tele­vi­sion screens. It was the envy of the con­sumer elec­tron­ics in­dus­try 15 years ago, be­fore Ap­ple re­leased the prod­ucts, par­tic­u­larly the first iPhone, which has made it the most valu­able company in the world based on mar­ket value.

Ap­ple’s cur­rent and early pres­ence in stream­ing tele­vi­sion and e-com­merce likely will be se­verely eroded by the num­ber of com­pa­nies al­ready in th­ese busi­nesses. Ama­ and Net­flix Inc. will press their ad­van­tages, although stream­ing may even­tu­ally be avail­able any­where with univer­sal 4G, or 5G, cov­er­age. Wi-Fi ac­cess may be­come a tech­nol­ogy of the past.

Some form of ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence could al­low con­sumer elec­tron­ics users to con­trol fea­tures with their minds, and not their hands or eyes. If th­ese tech­nolo­gies do evolve, Ap­ple would need “first mover” ad­van­tages to crip­ple com­peti­tors like Sam­sung.

All of this goes to say that, as has been true in the past, for Ap­ple to be as suc­cess­ful in 10 years as it is now will re­quire wild but tar­geted imag­i­na­tion. It has had this since Steve Jobs res­ur­rected the company a decade ago, which means it has been done at least once be­fore, and it holds the prom­ise of be­ing done again.

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