China’s VIWA of­fers leisure trips, com­mis­sions to stim­u­late do­mes­tic sales

The com­pany of­fered trips to Dubai and the Czech Repub­lic, pro­vid­ing com­mis­sions up to 2.5% of to­tal sales

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The lo­cal smart­phone mar­ket is wit­ness­ing a fierce com­pe­ti­tion be­tween dif­fer­ent mo­bile man­u­fac­tur­ers as they seek to in­crease their mar­ket shares and push sales in var­i­ous ways. Some com­pa­nies mo­ti­vate mo­bile phone shops fi­nan­cially to in­crease sales,while oth­ers of­fer them com­mis­sions to put a ban­ner bear­ing the com­pany’s brand in their out­lets, and some of­fer traders fi­nan­cial in­cen­tives and leisure trips.

Chi­nese com­pany VIWA of­fered leisure trips to stim­u­late traders to in­crease the sales of the com­pany’s de­vices in the lo­cal mar­ket.The pro­gramme de­vel­oped by VIWA in co­op­er­a­tion with its agent in Egypt—Al Safy—is di­vided into four seg­ments of sales from Novem­ber to Jan­uary.

The first seg­ment re­quires the dealer to achieve sales of EGP 20,000-EGP 75,000 monthly for a pe­riod of three months.The dealer would then get a 1% com­mis­sion of the to­tal value of sales.

The sec­ond seg­ment of sales ranges from EGP 80,000-EGP 150,000 per month, with the dealer then get­ting a 1.5% com­mis­sion of the to­tal sales, in ad­di­tion to an in­ter­nal leisure trip, on the con­di­tion that the shop’s to­tal sales reach a min­i­mum of EGP 450,000 from Novem­ber to Jan­uary.

The third seg­ment re­quires deal­ers to achieve sales of EGP 175,000350,000 per month. In re­turn, the dealer would get a 2% com­mis­sion of the to­tal sales and a leisure trip to Dubai, pro­vided that the shop’s to­tal sales reach a min­i­mum of EGP 1.05m in the afore­men­tioned pe­riod.

The fourth seg­ment of­fers a leisure trip to the Czech Repub­lic and a 2.5% com­mis­sion, on the con­di­tion that the dealer achieves sales of more than EGP 500,000 per month, with a min­i­mum to­tal sales value of EGP 1.5m dur­ing the three-month pe­riod.

IKU also de­vel­oped a plan to stim­u­late mo­bile phone deal­ers fi­nan­cially to in­crease their sales of the com­pany’s prod­ucts.The com­pany launched five dif­fer­ent pro­grammes of fi­nan­cial in­cen­tives ac­cord­ing to the sales val­ues.

The com­pany’s ini­tial pro­gramme, dubbed “Sil­ver”, de­ter­mined the min­i­mum sales level at EGP 20,000 per month, while the “Royal” pro­gramme re­quires deal­ers to achieve min­i­mum sales up to EGP 400,000. The Sil­ver pro­gramme of­fers a 1% com­mis­sion on the to­tal sales per month, while the Royal pro­gramme of­fers a 2% com­mis­sion. In ad­di­tion, IKU would pro­vide a quar­ter-year in­cen­tive up to 1% of to­tal sales dur­ing the three-month pe­riod. The com­pany set the quar­ter-year sales at a min­i­mum of EGP 100,000 and a max­i­mum of EGP 1.5m.

The fourth seg­ment of­fers a leisure trip to the Czech Repub­lic and a 2.5% com­mis­sion

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