De­stroyed churches

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Malakai Naduva, Labasa

I ap­plaud and sup­port the Prime Min­is­ter’s stand not to re­build churches that were de­stroyed by Cy­clone Win­ston. From a Chris­tian per­spec­tive, Chris­tians need to un­der­stand that at times God uses what he cre­ates as his weapon of de­struc­tion. God cre­ated the earth and ev­ery­thing in it. He cre­ated the seas, the waters, the wind and the ground. As in the days of Noah, God used the waters as a flood to de­stroy the earth. He used fire and brim­stone to de­stroy Sodom. God also uses the wind to cre­ate de­struc­tion in Egypt in the days of Moses. He used the ground to burry Core and his fol­low­ers for dis­obey­ing Moses. The prob­lem with Chris­tians to­day is in be­liev­ing that when de­struc­tion comes through hur­ri­canes (wind), earth­quakes (ground), tsunamis (seas), flood­ing (wa­ter), they say it is mother na­ture and do not be­lieve that th­ese are the wrath of God on peo­ple who dis­obey him. That is why God has sent Cy­clone Win­ston to de­stroy the churches in Fiji be­cause build­ing churches is dis­obe­di­ence to God. The bi­ble says in Act 17: 24, “God that made the world and all things therein, see­ing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwell not in tem­ples made with hands.”

The bi­ble clearly states that God no longer dwells in churches made by men’s hands. Chris­tians need to pon­der if God is not there, who then is in the churches to­day?

The book of 2 Th­esolo­ni­ans 2: 3-4 states that the sons of Satan now sit in the churches and are be­ing wor­shiped as gods. I urge the Prime Min­is­ter to keep up the good work he is do­ing and not to bow down to those blind Chris­tians who fail to see the light of the word of God. dis­crim­i­na­tion.

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