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‘A good news­pa­per is a na­tion talk­ing to it­self’

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From PNG Marks Okki, Port Moresby, PNG

I was on a busi­ness tour to Suva last month and now I am back in Port Moresby, Pa­pua New Guinea. I lost a con­tact num­ber plus our part­ner­ship busi­ness ad­dress of my busi­ness part­ner who is cur­rently op­er­at­ing at Nau­sori Mar­ket. I am ask­ing if some­body from the Nau­sori Mar­ket to pass my in­for­ma­tion to Miss Vini, owner of Craft Stool, to write to me on this ad­dress: Marks Okki Man­ager Op­er­a­tions Der­ihe Se­cu­rity Ser­vice PO Box 1953 Bokoko, NCD Port Moresby, PNG Con­tact num­ber: 79083870

To­tal Fiji Dr Gyan Prasad, Namosi

To­tal Fiji has a very savvy com­mer­cial on TV whereby aliens land at one of their ser­vice sta­tions and are very im­pressed with their ser­vices. How­ever, I am not im­pressed. A ma­jor­ity of their ser­vice sta­tions do not ac­cept debit or credit cards and some tyre pres­sure gauge and in­fla­tors are not func­tional. Maybe the ser­vice sta­tions are only meant to serve space ships be­cause they don’t run on tyres.

Truck ac­ci­dent

Ja­son Verma, Wailoku Sad to hear a man lost his life af­ter be­ing rammed by a 10-wheeler truck at Na­madi Heights. Has any­one re­cently no­ticed the be­haviour of driv­ers in th­ese mon­ster trucks zoom­ing past cars and peo­ple, and hav­ing no re­gards for any­one? How many of th­ese trucks have veered off roads and bridges? Are they legally car­ry­ing the weight that they are re­quired to carry, or be­cause of the over­weight they are un­able to stop within the re­quired dis­tance? It’s high time some­thing must be done to ed­u­cate th­ese driv­ers that there are other road users as well.

Loss of skilled work­ers Dor­sami Naidu, Nadi

We in Fiji are fac­ing a huge short­age of skilled labour in the build­ing in­dus­try, agri­cul­ture, IT in­dus­try, elec­tri­cal trade and med­i­cal field, just to name a few.

We are un­able to train our cit­i­zens to fill the gaps due to mi­gra­tion of our trained per­son­nel to Aus­tralia, New Zealand, USA, Canada. It has be­come an ex­pen­sive ex­er­cise but one can­not blame peo­ple who want to leave for greener pas­tures. The ques­tion is how do we re­place them or ac­quire per­son­nel with ready-made skills with­out spend­ing re­sources we do not pos­sess. I for one feel that we should take ad­van­tage of the refugees/mi­grants from the Mid­dle East, Asia or Africa who pos­sess th­ese skills and have been dis­placed and are seek­ing a new and vi­able home. Fiji could eas­ily take a thou­sand or more of th­ese peo­ple and this would be mu­tu­ally ben­e­fi­cial. Un­like Aus­tralia or Trump we should not be para­noid. We, would by open­ing our doors, show our hu­man­i­tar­ian side and give cre­dence to those of­ten re­peated words ‘Fiji the way the world should be’.

Queen’s mes­sage Ray­mond Chan­dra, Canada

On her 90th birthday last week Her Majesty the Queen of Bri­tain said: “If you want to live long, don’t die.” She and I were both born in the 1920s; she in Bri­tain and I in the for­mer Bri­tish colony of Fiji. I am bound by my loy­alty to Her Majesty to con­tinue obey­ing her or­ders and not die.

Dis­ci­plined chil­dren To­masi Bogin­iso, Nas­inu

A week be­fore the school break I caught a bus from Nadi to Lau­toka and it was just in time for school chil­dren get­ting home. The bus I was in stopped at Na­maka Pub­lic school. I was caught by sur­prise in the or­derly man­ner in which the stu­dents en­tered the bus and seated at the front end of the bus and were hardly noisy of shout­ing or forc­ing their way through. See­ing all th­ese with­out any su­per­vi­sion was even more sur­pris­ing. That was the only school we picked up on the way. When they dis­em­barked it was in the sim­i­lar man­ner they came in. Vinaka, to the teach­ers of Na­maka Pub­lic school! Com­pared to Suva, it was the to­tal op­po­site. They will run in shout­ing and yelling, change seats ev­ery now and then, smack each other, pass food around and even shout at peo­ple out­side or in other buses. The man­ners make the jour­ney an­noy­ing. I hope the teach­ers in the Suva schools learn some­thing from the teach­ers at Na­maka Pub­lic School.

“If you want to live long, don’t die”...The Queen waves to well-wish­ers dur­ing her Birthday cel­e­bra­tion.

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