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Project Jacquard “con­nected cloth­ing” is com­ing later this year to solve an ob­vi­ous prob­lem I see among sev­eral coders at Google IO 2016. Look at any­one at this de­vel­oper con­fer­ence still wear­ing Google Glass and it im­me­di­ately tells you about the in­abil­ity of “fash­ion and tech­nol­ogy to work as one.” There is “in­her­ent ten­sion be­tween the two,” says Dr. Ivan Poupyrev of Google’s ex­per­i­men­tal ATAP divi­sion. He leads a team to solve to solve a prob­lem he calls “in­ter­ac­tive tex­tile tech­nol­ogy.” Google ATAP, known for its Project Ara mo­du­lar phone, is work­ing with Levi’s on cloth­ing, as was an­nounced last year, and it’s not go­ing to be smart pants, un­like the con­cept cloth­ing. The very first Jacquard gar­ment is go­ing to be a Levi’s trucker com­muter jacket with sen­sors built right into the black jean fab­ric. Google and Levi’s are tar­get­ing ur­ban cy­clists with this tech-in­fused jacket, call­ing it a fash­ion­able, func­tion gar­ment.

“It’s a ter­ri­ble idea to nav­i­gate the screen of your phone while nav­i­gat­ing busy streets” says Paul Dillinger, VP of in­no­va­tion at Levi’s. “Any­one who ride a bike knows that ten­sion.” What can it do? Well ges­tures, taps and swipes on the sleeve could help you change mu­sic or get di­rec­tions through hap­tic feed­back. Dillinger calls it a “copi­lot for your ride and your life.”

Here’s when you can get it Project Jacquard’s de­but jean jacket is go­ing to be a beta later this year. Just let that one sink in for a mo­ment. Yes, that means your cloth­ing is now get­ting a beta test. It makes sense, though, for the first-ever sen­sor-em­bed­ded jacket you’ll own. Google and Levi’s also have plans to make it a full-fledged re­tail prod­uct by 2017.

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