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Her­leen Emily Ku­mar, Nadi

Maths and English is one of the com­pul­sory sub­jects be­ing taught here. How­ever, as a his­tory stu­dent, I am con­cerned that his­tory classes can­not be made com­pul­sory here. His­tory teaches ev­ery in­di­vid­ual to be­come a bet­ter cit­i­zen in the fu­ture. His­tory it­self in­stills virtues and moral val­ues. Many stu­dents do not know the his­tory our coun­try; as Fi­jians they should have knowl­edge of our past, whether it be pol­i­tics or any other.

It is ac­cept­able that So­cial Sci­ence is one of the com­pul­sory sub­jects from Year 9 to 10 how­ever it does not only em­pha­sis his­tory but ge­og­ra­phy as well. Fiji has ex­pe­ri­enced four coups and with the in­clu­sion of com­pul­sory his­tory classes, the stu­dents will have a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of democ­racy and to­tal­i­tar­i­an­ism. He added: “I’ve done my part; don’t dis­ap­point me by not do­ing your part.”

I re­quest Bri­gadier-Gen­eral Qil­iho if he could re­mind him­self that his part in this role will con­tinue as long as he is in this post. It is great that he has put in sug­ges­tions and re­quests for these ve­hi­cles. How­ever, it does not mean that his work is over. To­gether with the other of­fi­cers, he is to work along­side them to help guide them.

Get­ting all the re­quired re­sources for the Po­lice force is very im­por­tant and this was long over­due.

Let’s hope there will be some ma­jor dif­fer­ence in the service de­liv­ery sys­tem. After all, the Fiji Po­lice Force is the pil­lar upon whom we rely for our safety. as­sis­tance from funds set aside for the Prime Min­is­ter’s Of­fice as par­a­sites, is de­mean­ing and un­called for. (FS 6/7) It is sad for an MP to ut­ter such a deroga­tory word to Fi­jians, as one does not know how many peo­ple that are be­ing la­belled as par­a­sites ac­tu­ally voted the MP into Par­lia­ment. If I was an Op­po­si­tion MP, I would en­cour­age all Fi­jians to get out there and make use of all the help and op­por­tu­ni­ties pro­vided by Gov­ern­ment to lift their stan­dard of liv­ing and add value to their lives.

It does not make sense to call peo­ple par­a­sites when it is the Gov­ern­ment of the day that is pro­vid­ing the help for Fi­jians and at the end of the day, it is the Gov­ern­ment who is ac­count­able in the re­pay­ment of state debt.

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