Men’s cri­sis cen­tre?

Fiji Sun - - Comment -

Ash­neel J Prasad, Auck­land, NZ

It will be hard for me to pro­vide sta­tis­tics for men’s abuse cases in Fiji for no men will ever ad­mit to be­ing abused in fear of be­ing ridiculed. When a woman gets abused, it’s a se­ri­ous mat­ter. Rightly so, but it’s some­thing un­usual if a woman or a man abuses a man. If you don’t be­lieve me just go on Face­book or YouTube to see any prank or real video in which a man is abused. About 99 per cent of the com­ments would be “he de­served it” or “what a loser” or “lol”. Don’t you think men have feel­ings too or are prone to de­pres­sion, sui­cidi­cal thoughts or weak? Or have you made up your mind that men can just im­pli­cate havoc on women?

Just be­cause one doesn’t hear or see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hap­pen. Like we can’t see the oxy­gen or the ozone layer, but it’s still there, isn’t it?

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