Lautoka, Labasa de­clared emer­gency ar­eas for ter­mites

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The Biose­cu­rity Author­ity of Fiji (BAF) is tak­ing proac­tive mea­sures to control and con­tain the spread of Asian Sub­ter­ranean Ter­mites.

BAF, un­der sec­tion 77(1) of the Biose­cu­rity pro­mul­ga­tion 2008, has de­clared the ar­eas of Lautoka District in Ba prov­ince and Labasa District in Macu­ata prov­ince as Biose­cu­rity Emer­gency Ar­eas for Asian Sub­ter­ranean Ter­mites (AST). Un­der the Dec­la­ra­tion move­ment of all stages of the Asian Sub­ter­ranean Ter­mites in­clud­ing eggs or of any ma­te­rial host­ing Cop­toter­mes ge­stroi, into or out of the de­clared Biose­cu­rity Emer­gency Ar­eas is strictly pro­hib­ited. Host ma­te­rial of AST in­clude Cop­toter­mes ge­stroi nests, soil, pot­ted plants, wood, logs, tim­ber, lum­ber, kin­dling, planks, wooden build­ing ma­te­ri­als, wooden fur­ni­ture, live plants, har­vested pot plants (pine, mango, cas­sava, co­conut tree and sug­ar­cane), and ar­ti­cles made of cel­lu­lose (books, papers, cloth­ing, tex­tiles).

Biose­cu­rity of­fi­cers are ac­tively mon­i­tor­ing move­ment of all AST host ma­te­ri­als into, within and out of the Biose­cu­rity Emer­gency De­clared zones. The re­stric­tions have been placed on move­ment of AST host ma­te­ri­als to con­tain and control the spread of the pest to new and un-in­fested ar­eas. In ad­di­tion, sug­ar­cane move­ment from AST in­fested ar­eas also re­quire ad­her­ence to BAF stan­dard move­ment pro­to­cols and ad­vised the sug­ar­cane farm­ers to con­tact Biose­cu­rity Of­fice in their re­spec­tive ar­eas for ad­vice on move­ment of sug­ar­cane from in­fested ar­eas. Source: Biose­cu­rity Author­ity of Fiji

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