Hail, rain or storm, Kaji Rugby rolls on

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The show goes on de­spite the rain. With more rain fore­cast in the com­ing days, more than 2000 students are in Suva to take part in the an­nual Rewa Galaxy Kaji Rugby tour­na­ment. Schools from as far as Vanua Levu and Ka­davu are here – an in­di­ca­tion of our re­silience to move for­ward de­spite the dev­as­ta­tion by Cy­clone Win­ston, es­pe­cially for schools in the ru­ral ar­eas.


Cakau­drove 14-7 Gau; Lami 14-0 North­land; Macu­ata 0-5 Ka­davu; Cakau­drove East 5-0 Namosi; Cakau­drove 5-0 Suva Whites; Lami 5-0 Tailevu Gold; Namosi 0-5 Macu­ata; Nas­inu 0-0 Seaqaqa; Cakau­drove 5-5 Tailevu Green; Lami 0-15 Suva Blues; Macu­ata 12-5 Seaqaqa; Cakau­drove East 5-5 Ka­davu; Suva Whites 10-0 Gau; North­land 0-5 Tailevu Gold; Nas­inu 7-17 Namosi.


Suva Blues 7-0 Cakau­drove East; Bua Cen­tral 0-14 Seaqaqa; Nas­inu 0-7 Suva Whites; Lami 0-7 Macu­ata; Tailevu Green 7-0 Cakau­drove; Namosi 0-0 Ka­davu; Macu­ata 0-12 Nas­inu Red; Tailevu Green 14-0 North­land; Suva Blues 19-0 Lami; Ka­davu 0-0 Gau; Tailevu Gold 12-0 Bua Cen­tral; Suva Whites 5-7 Namosi; Cakau­drove 14-15 Seaqaqa; Bua Cen­tral 0-17 North­land; Nas­inu 7-0 Namosi.


Cakau­drove East 0-0 Suva Whites; Cakau­drove 0-14 Nas­inu; Namosi 0-0 Gau; Ka­davu 0-14 Suva Blues; Lami 0-14 Suva Whites; Tailevu Gold 5-5 Cakau­drove East; Namosi 0-14 Seaqaqa; Cakau­drove 28-0 Ka­davu, Ka­davu 7-0 Gau; Cakau­drove 12-0 Namosi; Tailevu Gold 12-5 North­land; Cakau­drove East 0-0 Lami; Macu­ata 19-0 Seaqaqa.


Cakau­drove 7-0 Bua Cen­tral; Ka­davu 28-0 Gau; Nas­inu 14-0 North­land; Tailevu Green 12-0 Suva Whites; Lami 0-7 Macu­ata; Bua Cen­tral 7-7 Seaqaqa; Suva Blues 21-0 Tailevu Gold; Cakau­drove East 14-0 Lami; Tailevu Green 0-5 Cakau­drove; Suva Whites 0-0 Bua; North­land 17-7 Cakau­drove; Macu­ata 10-0 Tailevu Gold; Nas­inu 45-0 Gau, North­land 7-7 Namosi; Suva Blues 5-0 Macu­ata.


Suva Blues 40-0 Gau; Cakau­drove 3-12 Nas­inu; Macu­ata 10-0 Seaqaqa.


Suva Blues 24-0 North­land; Cakau­drove East 10-0 Namosi; Cakau­drove 5-0 Seaqaqa.

Photo: Paulini Rat­u­lailai

PIC­TURED: Kaji rugby ac­tion be­tween PNC Suva and Lami in the Un­der-10 grade at the ANZ Sta­dium yes­ter­day.

Photo: Paulini Rat­u­lailai

The Gau rugby team at the ANZ Sta­dium yes­ter­day.

Photo: Paulini Rat­u­lailai

Ac­tion be­tween Ka­davu and Gau in the un­der-10 grade Rewa Galaxy Kaji Rugby at the ANZ Sta­dium yes­ter­day.

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