Beg­gar al­lowance

Fiji Sun - - Comments - Arien Vikash Ku­mar, Nadi

A beg­gar stopped me in town dur­ing lunch hour. Bhaiya...bhaiya stop please! I stopped and started dig­ging into my pock­ets for coins but the beg­gar kept call­ing “bhaiya..bhaiya. “Wait giv­ing,” I told the beg­gar. “No bhaiya, I don’t want any money but I want to ask you some­thing,” said the beg­gar. “Ok ask?” I said. “Bhaiya, will I also earn more if I go and beg in front of the Par­lia­ment?” asked the beg­gar. “What! Why! Who told you?” I asked. “Arey bhaiya. We sit ev­ery­day and beg whole day. Some­times we don’t eat for days, we sleep on foot­paths and we get­ting very less from so­cial wel­fare. “Bhaiya don’t give me any money but prom­ise me that you will vote for me in the next elec­tion so I can be a Mem­ber of Par­liar­ment also,” said the beg­gar.

As I tried walk­ing away from him speech­less, the beg­gar yelled from the back say­ing: “Bhaiya, it’s bet­ter to be in Par­lia­ment than on the streets be­cause they get more there for sit­ting, eat­ing and sleep­ing. “Bhaiya, soon they will be get­ting more for the drama we see dur­ing de­bates ev­ery­day. So please vote for me and I will think about you also.”

I walked away think­ing, who de­serves more.

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