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Sapenisa Wil­liam

The great­est proof-text peo­ple will mis­use out of the bi­ble to try to ‘jus­tify’ charg­ing for ther Min­istry of the Lord is this fa­mil­iar phrase: “the work­man is wor­thy of his hire.” I fully agree with that phrase for it is God’s Word; but they wrongly ap­plied when try­ing to con­done treat­ing Min­istry like Busi­ness, Trade, or En­terain­ment. It doesn’t mean we have the right to charge or “hire”. More ap­pro­pri­ately it means ” those pro­claimthe gospel should re­ceive their liv­ing by the gospel” (1 COR. 9:14) and do so in a man­ner com­men­so­rate with the Gospel. the ques­tion is HOW? Bu not re­quir­ing a set fee or charg­ing tick­ets for peo­ple to hear gen­uine Min­istry by those who want ” Go into the world and Preach the Gospel.” But, bib­li­cally, gen­uine Min­istry should be sup­ported through the cheer­ful, faith­ful giv­ing God’s Peo­ple. Aren’t we glad that the Lord didn’t charge any of us to hear about the Good News of the Gospel un­top Sal­va­tion? Aren’t we glad that the Holy Spirit doesn’t change any of us for the Spir­i­tual Gifts He gives to the Church? MONEY, BELOVED, SHOULD NOT BE PRE­REQ­UI­SITE FOR MIN­ISTRY. Amen.

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