2019 BDO Re­port a ‘smoke­screen’: Khan


Univer­sity of the South Pa­cific council Chair of the Au­dit and Risk Com­mit­tee Mah­mood Khan be­lieves the reemer­gence of last year’s BDO re­port is a smoke­screen.

In his pa­per pre­pared for the univer­sity council meet­ing last Fri­day ti­tled “Facts about the USP SAGA”, high­lighted nine facts of the cur­rent USP sit­u­a­tion.

“The BDO re­port of last year has been brought up time and again. The BDO re­port was dis­cussed in de­tail by all the council mem­bers at their Spe­cial Council Meet­ing held in Au­gust 2019.”

He said the council re­solved to ap­point three of their mem­bers who un­der­took to ap­point a three­mem­ber Com­mis­sion.

The Com­mis­sion­ers in­clude Graeme McNally, Satish Chand and Jenni Lightowler­s. Their lat­est progress re­port was re­leased on Mon­day June 15, 2020. Mr Khan said it was also re­solved dur­ing the Au­gust 2019 Spe­cial Council meet­ing to with­hold the cir­cu­la­tion of the BDO Re­port.

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