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NEW SET­TINGS #4 PER­FOR­MING ARTS AND VI­SUAL ARTS No­vem­ber 3–15, 2014 For this 4th edi­tion of New Set­tings, 5 new pieces are being pre­mie­red, each one com­bi­ning a per­for­ming ar­tist (mu­si­cian, ac­tor, dan­cer, cho­reo­gra­pher, di­rec­tor) and a vi­sual ar­tist. This pro­gram, de­vi­sed by the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Théâtre de la Ci­té In­ter­na­tio­nale and French Ins­ti­tute Al­liance Fran­çaise in New York, gives ar­tists from dif­ferent back­grounds the chance to en­coun­ter other crea­tive worlds in a sha­red piece of work. New Set­tings sup­ports both the pro­duc­tion and sta­ging of works (Pa­ris - New York). www.fon­da­tion­den­tre­pri­se­ Ca­len­dar Mon. 3: 19:00 > 22:15 Abysse*, 19:30 Al Ham­râ, 21:00 Tra­ve­ling La­dy. Tues. 4 : 19:00 > 22:15 Abysse*, 19:30 Al Ham­râ, 21:00 Tra­ve­ling La­dy. Thurs. 6 : 19:00 > 20:45 Abysse*, 19:30 Al Ham­râ. Fri. 7 : 19:00 > 20:45 Abysse*, 19:30 Al Ham­râ. Thurs. 13 : 19:00 > 22:15 Abysse*, 19:30 La Ten­ta­tion d’un er­mi­tage, 21:00 La Fille. Fri. 14 : 19:00 > 22:15 Abysse*, 19:30 La Ten­ta­tion d’un er­mi­tage, 21:00 La Fille. Sat. 15 : 19:00 > 22:15 Abysse*, 19:30 La Ten­ta­tion d’un er­mi­tage, 21:00 La Fille. *free ad­mis­sion Ad­mis­sion 7 22 re­duc­tions star­ting with 2nd show. Un­der 12s: 7 Un­der 30s: 13 Boo­king www.thea­tre­de­la­ 01 43 13 50 50 (Mon–Fri, 13:00–19:00) and at usual out­lets. Théâtre de la Ci­té In­ter­na­tio­nale 17 Bd Jour­dan, 75014 Pa­ris www.thea­tre­de­la­ Ad­mi­nis­tra­tion: 01 43 13 50 60 Boo­king: 01 43 13 50 50 Jus­tin Godfrey/ Vincent Beau­rin Al Ham­râ Mu­sic/ vi­sual arts 3, 4, 6, and 7 No­vem­ber It all re­volves around the re­flec­tion and dis­se­mi­na­tion of sun­light on the sea and in the sky. Vie­wers/lis­te­ners take up po­si­tion on stage, fa­cing the au­di­to­rium, which is where the show takes place. Un­der the cu­po­la, a self-reflective ap­pa­ra­tus cap­tures the at­ten­tion while the mu­si­cian, with his hang-drum and per­cus­sion, conjures up the es­sen­tial ele­ments of the land­scape. A so­no­rous, so­lar and hyp­no­tic show. Light ins­tal­la­tion : Vincent Beau­rin Mu­si­cal com­po­si­tion and per­for­mance: Jus­tin Godfrey Pro­duc­tion : Le­beau & As­so­ciés, with the sup­port of the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès New Set­tings pro­gram Ros­sy De Pal­ma/ Jes­si­ca Mitrani Tra­ve­ling La­dy Thea­ter/ vi­sual arts 3 and 4 No­vem­ber In 1889, Eli­za­beth Co­chrane, alias Nel­lie Bly, tra­ve­led round the world in 72 days. She set out with just one dress, some un­der­wear and a toi­le­try bag. Bly’s jour­ney serves as the ba­ck­drop for this mul­ti­me­dia show by ar­tist Jes­si­ca Mitrani and ac­tress Ros­sy de Pal­ma, well known from the films of Pe­dro Al­modó­var. A mix of ar­chive images, ani­ma­tion, sculp­ture, car­to­gra­phy, light ef­fects and live mor­phing, Tra­ve­ling La­dy sets out to see how a con­tem­po­ra­ry wo­man might tra­vel the world in ba­re­ly an hour and, in or­der to sur­vive, learn to be end­less­ly chan­ging shape. Di­rec­tor, art: Jes­si­ca Mitrani Ac­tor: Ros­sy de Pal­ma Dan­cer: Jor­dan Mor­ley Di­gi­tal rea­li­za­tion: Alex Czet­wer­tyns­ki Ani­ma­tion: Brian Close at Geor­gia Sets: Ch­ris­tian Wass­mann Cos­tumes: threeASFOUR Pro­duc­tion un­der way, with the sup­port of the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès New Set­tings pro­gram Her­vé Robbe / Ben­ja­min Grain­dorge La Ten­ta­tion d’un er­mi­tage Dance/ de­si­gn 13, 14 and 15 No­vem­ber Using ob­jects, struc­tures and ma­te­rials in­ven­ted by Ben­ja­min Grain­dorge, Her­vé Robbe’s dan­cers make their own clea­ring, their own ca­bin: their own free­dom. This pen­chant for construc­tion no doubt re­flects the cho­reo­gra­pher’s in­te­rest in ar­chi­tec­ture, but it al­so evokes mu­sings on na­ture and life, en­ter­tai­ned far from so­cie­ty and ins­pi­red by the Ame­ri­can phi­lo­so­pher and na­tu­ra­list Hen­ry Da­vid Tho­reau. Concep­tion and cho­reo­gra­phy: Her­vé Robbe Sets and cos­tumes: Ben­ja­min Grain­dorge Cos­tumes made by: Catherine Gar­nier Ori­gi­nal mu­sic: Ro­main Kro­nen­berg Ligh­ting : Fran­çois Maillot Dra­ma­turg: Ni­non Prou­teauS­tein­haus­ser Dan­cers: Alexia Bigot, Olivier Bio­ret, Yann Car­din Sin­gers : Blan­dine Bou­vier, Char­lotte Plasse, Da­vid Co­lo­sio Pro­duc­tion : Tra­vel­ling&Co, with the sup­port of the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès New Set­tings pro­gram Co­pro­duc­tion: Fon­da­tion Royau­mont Re­si­den­cy at Thea­ter 71, Scène Na­tio­nale de Ma­la­koff, Centre Na­tio­nal de Danse Contem­po­raine – An­gers with the sup­port of La Mé­na­ge­rie de Verre as part of Stu­dio­lab, and L’Ate­lier de Pa­ris Carolyn Carl­son Stage event: phi­lo­so­phy ape­ri­tif, Sa­tur­day 15 No­vem­ber at 17:30. Dan­cer work­shop with Her­vé Robbe, Sa­tur­day 15 and Sun­day 16 No­vem­ber Re­ser­va­tions : ch­ris­tine.jac­quet@thea­tre­de­la­ Bar­ba­ra Car­lot­ti / Jean-Fran­çois Au­guste/ Ch­ris­tophe Blain La Fille Mu­sic/ co­mics 13, 14 and 15 No­vem­ber “The Girl” walks on the stage as if bes­tri­ding aWes­tern or road move. So­me­times she shoots, so­me­times she sings. Be­hind her, the drawn sets for an adult tale come to life. She is not alone, of course. There are ama­zons and al­so a cow­boy who comes on strong. To­ge­ther they per­form the co­me­dy of love. The Girl doesn’t real­ly know where she stands: is this a cine-concert, a drawn concert, a book/re­cord, a show/film? Is it today, yes­ter­day or the day be­fore? Pro­ba­bly all those things at once. For The Girl is constant­ly skip­ping from one world to ano­ther. Dra­wing: Ch­ris­tophe Blain Mu­sic: Bar­ba­ra Car­lot­ti Di­rec­tor: Jean-Fran­çois Au­guste Ori­gi­nal vi­deo : Ma­ga­li Des­ba­zeille Lu­mière: Ni­co­las Jou­bert Cos­tumes: Clair Rai­son Mu­si­cal di­rec­tor : Be­noît de Ville­neuve with Bar­ba­ra Car­lot­ti, Jean-Pierre Petit, Be­noît de Ville­neuve, Ben­ja­min Es­draf­fo, Jé­ré­mie Ré­gnier, Ti­bo Bar­billon, Stéphane Bel­li­ty Pro­duc­tion : PULP Fes­ti­val / La Ferme du Buis­son Scène Na­tio­nale de Marne-laVal­lée, with the sup­port of the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès New Set­tings pro­gram Co­pro­duc­tion Pbox, l’Onde – Théâtre and Centre d’Art de Vé­li­zy-Villa­cou­blay with the sup­port of the Centre Na­tio­nal des Va­rié­tés, Ada­mi and Sa­cem Sylvain Pru­ne­nec/ Clé­dat & Pe­tit­pierre Abysse Dance/ vi­sual arts 3, 4, 6 and 7 No­vem­ber 13, 14, and 15 No­vem­ber Ad­mis­sion free Clé­dat & Pe­tit­pierre have spent the last ten years crea­ting works on the bor­der bet­ween vi­sual arts and per­for­ming arts. Their new “ac­ti­vable sculp­ture” looks like an over­size aqua­rium prop, a shi­ny rock to shel­ter a nu­di­branch, a fa­mous un­der­wa­ter gas­tro­pod with an ec­cen­tric tu­bu­lar shape. In this per­for­mance, dan­cer Sylvain Pru­ne­nec brings to life this crea­ture ima­gi­ned for him and ex­plores his ha­bi­tat in an or­ga­nic and vi­brant cho­reo­gra­phy. Snatches of the his­to­ry of dance now come swim­ming in­to view. Ar­tists : Yvan Clé­dat and Co­co Pe­tit­pierre Dan­cer: Sylvain Pru­ne­nec Pro­duc­tion : Le­beau & as­so­ciés, with the sup­port of the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès New Set­tings pro­gram, co­pro­duc­tion with As­so­cia­tion du 48 Round table The stage and vi­sual arts 15 No­vem­ber 16:30-18:00 Mo­de­ra­tor: Catherine Millet Théâtre de la Ci­té In­ter­na­tio­nale

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