Co­lom­bia, the Rea­li­ties be­hind the Boom

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The word “boom” is of­ten used in the fields of eco­no­mics and de­mo­gra­phics to mean sud­den burst. But what mea­ning could it have when ap­plied to art? For the last de­cade art made in Co­lom­bia has been fa­ring in­crea­sin­gly well on the in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ket and at­trac­ting in­ten­si­fying at­ten­tion from Co­lom­bians and non-Co­lom­bians alike. In 2013, Le Monde pu­bli­shed an ar­ticle en­tit­led “Co­lom­bie, ex-pa­ria et nou­velle scène de l’art ” (Ex­pa­riah and new art scene). The book Art Ci­ties of the Fu­ture (Phai­don) lis­ted Bo­go­ta as one of the world’s do­zen emer­ging art ca­pi­tals. Co­lom­bia was the guest of ho­nor at the 2015 AR­CO contem­po­ra­ry art fair in Ma­drid.


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