A Place for Per­fume Le plai­sir d’être mis au par­fum

GREATER PARIS - - [Contents] Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

The world of per­fume un­folds at Le Grand Mu­sée du Par­fum, a recent and fra­grant ad­di­tion to the Pa­ri­sian cultu­ral land­scape. The mu­seum is de­vo­ted to per­fume and the art of per­fume-making, one of France’s lea­ding in­dus­tries. Lo­ca­ted in a beau­ti­ful pri­vate man­sion, the mu­seum takes the vi­si­tor on a his­to­ri­cal and sen­so­rial quest. The visit traces the his­to­ry of per­fume from An­ti­qui­ty in An­cient Egypt to the present and of­fers a jour­ney in­to the senses through a unique ol­fac­to­ry col­lec­tion of 70 scents to smell along the way and in­tro­duces the vi­si­tor to the high­ly com­plex art of the per­fu­mer. The visit is ve­ry in­ter­ac­tive with vi­deos and de­vices used to try out the fra­grances and scents found along the way, which in­clude ma­ny of the raw ma­te­rials used in per­fume-making. One of the more in­tri­guing scents to discover is what is re­gar­ded as the ve­ry first per­fume known to hu­ma­ni­ty, ky­phi, crea­ted in An­cient Egypt. The mu­seum al­so in­tro­duces the vi­si­tor to the ex­tra­or­di­na­ry po­wer of the sense of smell, a sense that re­mains lit­tle un­ders­tood. Vi­si­tors can create their own tour no­te­book lis­ting fa­vou­rite smells while lear­ning more about this sense through ol­fac­to­ry dis­plays.

The mu­seum al­so of­fers ori­gi­nal, edu­ca­tio­nal and fun work­shops to com­pre­hend the world of per­fumes. Of­fe­rings in­clude a dis­co­ve­ry of the fa­mi­ly of Co­logne wa­ters and fin­ding out about the cultu­ral evo­lu­tions bet­ween wo­men and their per­fumes from 1900 to the present day. And there are work­shops gea­red for chil­dren and young adults as well, and events, ex­hi­bi­tions and a concept store, where you will be ad­vi­sed and gui­ded to­wards a per­fume cor­res­pon­ding to your fa­vou­rite scents. 73 rue du Fau­bourg Saint-ho­no­ré (8th), 01 42 65 25 44 www.grand­mu­see­du­par­

The neigh­bou­rhood in and around the Fau­bourg Saint- Ho­no­ré is one of the most luxu­rious in the French ca­pi­tal with its em­bas­sies, ex­clu­sive clubs, ups­cale bou­tiques, man­sions and pa­laces. Pe­rhaps one of the best- known pa­laces is the Pa­lais de l'ely­sée right on the Fau­bourg. The ele­gant 18th cen­tu­ry buil­ding has tra­di­tio­nal­ly been the home of the pre­si­dents of France.

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