I NSIDER'S GUIDE / ENTRE NOUS A Per­fu­med Re­min­der of Pa­ris Le doux par­fum du Sou­ve­nir de Pa­ris

GREATER PARIS - - Sommaire - By San­dra Is­kan­der

This sea­son four of our fa­vou­rite per­fume brands will be your scen­ted sou­ve­nir of your trip to Pa­ris, sen­so­ry re­min­ders of those pre­cious mo­ments spent along the Seine and wal­king through the cob­bles­tone streets of the French ca­pi­tal, rust­ling through the beau­ti­ful fal­len au­tumn leaves. Mon Guer­lain, the la­test scen­ted of­fe­ring from French house Guer­lain, crea­ted by the ta­len­ted nose Thierry Was­ser, em­bo­dies fe­mi­ni­ni­ty and se­duc­tion. The sweet­ness of Ta­hi­tian va­nilla mixed in with soo­thing la­ven­der and the fre­sh­ness of jas­mine come to­ge­ther to bring a per­fume that is both fe­mi­nine and bold, crea­ting a si­gna­ture scent for all women with each note playing dif­fe­rent­ly on each la­dy’s skin with a unique re­sult for each.

For gent­le­men who love the smell of fresh notes, and for the la­dies who love a hint of woo­dy notes on their men, Gi­ven­chy’s li­mi­ted edi­tion Gent­le­men On­ly eau de toi­lette is this sea­son’s must scent. With notes of mint and ci­trus mixed in with woo­dy sage, the French house’s new scent will awa­ken all the senses.

Per­fume house Comp­toir Sud Pa­ci­fique spe­cia­lises in niche scents that are ins­pi­red by the four cor­ners of the world, brin­ging ap­pre­cia­tors of unique per­fumes an in­ter­es­ting range of uni­sex scents. One of the house’s la­test ad­di­tions is Po­me­lo Fizz, which brings tan­gy gra­pe­fruit, sweet man­da­rins and mus­ky am­ber to­ge­ther, crea­ting an ex­plo­sive scent that re­calls sum­mers by the wa­ter with fiz­zy cock­tails in hand.

Ano­ther house that fo­cuses on uni­sex scents is Ate­lier Co­logne with the house’s noses ta­king us to Ca­li­for­nia with their Clé­men­tine Ca­li­for­nia co­logne. Sweet cle­men­tine from Ca­li­for­nia and man­da­rin from Ita­ly are de­li­cious­ly mixed in with pep­per from Chi­na and ba­sil from Egypt to bring co­logne lo­vers a sweet and spi­cy scent that will lin­ger on the skin.

Guer­lain Bou­tique - 68 ave des Champs-ely­sées (8th), 01 45 62 52 57 Gi­ven­chy Bou­tique - 28 rue du Fau­bourg Saint-ho­no­ré (8th), 01 42 68 31 00 Comp­toir Sud Pa­ci­fique Bou­tique - 30 rue Saint-roch (1st), 01 45 08 41 72 Ate­lier Co­logne - 8 rue Saint-florentin (1st), 01 42 60 00 31

Comp­toir Sud Pa­ci­fique

Mon Guer­lain

Gent­le­men On­ly

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