GREATER PARIS - - Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

The Art of Po­wer L’art du Pou­voir

For its third sea­son La Pe­tite Ga­le­rie of the Louvre is pre­sen­ting a show that de­mons­trates the link bet­ween po­wer and art. En­tit­led Théâtre du Pou­voir (Theatre of Po­wer), the show brings to­ge­ther some 50 works da­ting from An­ti­qui­ty to the present ema­na­ting from the col­lec­tions of the Louvre, the Mu­sée Na­tio­nal du Châ­teau de Pau, the Châ­teau de Ver­sailles and the Mu­sée des Beaux-arts of the Ci­ty of Pa­ris illus­tra­ting the evo­lu­tion of how po­li­ti­cal po­wer is re­pre­sen­ted.

The show is di­vi­ded in­to four parts the first pre­sen­ting the func­tions of the king, the priest king, the buil­der king, the war-pro­tec­tor king and serves to evoke the dif­ferent ar­tis­tic tech­niques used in va­rious de­pic­tions. Among the works on show is Louis XIII by Phi­lippe de Cham­paigne. The se­cond part show­cases the em­ble­ma­tic fi­gure of Hen­ry IV with among others sculp­ture by Bar­thé­le­my Prieur and pain­tings by Ingres. The third part takes a look at the an­tique mo­del no­ta­bly through the theme of the eques­trian sta­tue of which the Louvre has ma­ny fine examples, no­ta­bly a bronze of Charles the Bald and Louis XIV by Fran­çois Gi­rar­don. The fourth room brings to­ge­ther the em­blems of po­wer in which ma­jes­tic por­traits of mo­narchs are dis­played in­clu­ding Louis XVI by An­toine-fran­çois Col­let and Na­po­leon I by Fran­çois Gé­rard, which are ex­hi­bi­ted next to the re­ga­lia, the sym­bols of royal­ty and ob­jects used in the co­ro­na­tion of the French kings. This part of the show al­so puts the spot­light on the his­to­ric and ico­no­gra­phic rup­tures born with the French Re­vo­lu­tion.

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