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YVE­LINES : DO­MAINE THOI­RY DE A Hap­py Bir­th­day Un joyeux an­ni­ver­saire

The zoo­lo­gi­cal and sa­fa­ri park of the do­main of Thoi­ry is ce­le­bra­ting its 50th bir­th­day this year in ad­ven­tu­rous style with a host of new at­trac­tions and ac­ti­vi­ties along with the tried and true tra­di­tions. You can zi­pline over a track of 500 me­ters to ob­serve the lions and the her­bi­vores for a unique sa­fa­ri from up high, go for a climb in the Sa­fa­ri Air Park with a stu­pen­dous view on­to the ani­mals in the park’s Afri­can Plain sec­tion, or head in­to the back roads of the bush in the park’s spe­cial­ly craf­ted bush truck with com­men­ta­ry from one of the park’s ani­mal heal­th­care spe­cia­lists.

Vi­si­tors on board their own ve­hicle will discover di­verse spe­cies from Afri­ca, North Ame­ri­ca and the Eu­ra­sian Plain wi­thin the grounds of the Thoi­ry Sa­fa­ri Park. Meanw­hile, in the park’s zoo, a mul­ti­tude of fe­lines like the Si­be­rian ti­ger, the snow leo­pard and the chee­tah can be ob­ser­ved from an ove­rhead walk­way. An arch of 500 square me­ters houses some 70 spe­cies of am­phi­bians and fas­ci­na­ting in­ver­te­brates from all of the world’s conti­nents and from va­rious eco-sys­tems. Vi­si­tors tra­vel through five dif­ferent zones over a fun and edu­ca­tio­nal pa­th­way that takes them from the bot­tom of the sea to the ca­no­py of the fo­rest.

Other fun and edu­ca­tio­nal sec­tions of the park in­clude the Le­mur­trek in the ter­ri­to­ry of the le­murs spread out over three is­lands, which are now lin­ked by walk­ways en­abling vi­si­tors to ob­serve up close se­ven dif­ferent spe­cies of these pri­mates in­di­ge­nous to Ma­da­gas­car. The new Andes Trek takes the vi­si­tor in­to the co­lour­ful world of South Ame­ri­ca and fea­tures three of the conti­nent’s em­ble­ma­tic spe­cies, the al­pa­ca, the Pa­ta­go­nian ma­ra and the wild gui­nea pig. Al­so new on the agenda is the Aus­tra­lian Trek, which is sla­ted to welcome Aus­tra­lian rain­bow lo­ri­keets, co­lour­ful pa­ra­keets in an avia­ry filled with luxu­riant ve­ge­ta­tion and fruit nec­tar that the vi­si­tors can feed to the birds. The avia­ry leads the vi­si­tor in­to a sec­tion de­di­ca­ted to wal­la­bies, kan­ga­roos, emus and cas­so­wa­ries.

By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

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