Come celebrate epic new ways to sparkle be­fore the sen­sa­tio­nal 25th Anniversary draws to a close next Sep­tem­ber. This is your chance to en­joy star­ring Dis­ney Stars on Pa­rade, Dis­ney Il­lu­mi­na­tions and Star Warstm Hy­pers­pace Moun­tain, and so much more.

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Cal­ling all Su­per He­roes! It’s time to unite for Mar­vel Sum­mer of Su­per He­roes, a ne­ver-seen-be­fore epic that’s cap­ti­va­ting Dis­ney­land Pa­ris ® from 10th June to 30th Sep­tem­ber 2018. Lan­ding for the fi­nale of our 25th Anniversary, this is your chance to as­semble your su­per squad and he­ro up with the likes of Spi­der-man, Iron Man, Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca, Black Wi­dow and Star-lord for some mo­nu­men­tal Mar­vel mis­sions that’ll be tal­ked about un­til the end of time.

With Mar­vel: Su­per He­roes Uni­ted, im­merse in the ori­gins of great­ness with this ne­ver-seen-be­fore show su­per-char­ged with live Cha­rac­ters and ground-smashing, he­roic spe­cial ef­fects. Feel your Spi­der-sense tingle as Mar­vel le­gends Iron Man and Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca. With thril­ling fla­sh­backs sho­wing how each he­ro dis­co­ve­red their po­wers, this is an ex­pe­rience you don’t want to miss.

With the new show, Stark Ex­po pre­sents: Ener­gy for To­mor­row!, swoop in­to the middle of the may­hem with this elec­tri­fying ex­tra­va­gan­za buz­zing with live Mar­vel Su­per He­roes. Gaze in awe at The Avengers, in­clu­ding Thor and Black Wi­dow. And brace your­self for the web-slin­ging won­der of Spi­der-man drop­ping in from high above Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios Park.


At last, do you have the dance po­wer to help the Guar­dians evade the clutches of an evil ene­my? Meet up with Star-lord and Ga­mo­ra, then spin, shake, step and slide on­to the dance floor, where you can strut your stuff to some classic 70s and 80s ban­gers blas­ting out of Pe­ter Quill’s be­lo­ved boom box, with the new show, Guar­dians of the Ga­laxy Awe­some Dance-off. Get rea­dy to meet your Su­per He­ro like Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca, the Ame­ri­ca’s bra­vest Aven­ger! This sum­mer, he­ro up from 10th June to 30th Sep­tem­ber !

Dis­ney­land Pa­ris

® From Pa­ris take the RER A to Marne-la-val­lée/ches­sy Dis­ney­land­pa­ - Please check web­site be­fore ma­king your way to the park for all ope­ning hours

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