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GUIDE PROPRIÉTÉ CAILLEBOTE ESSONNE SOUTH OF PARIS SPRING-SUMMER by Patricia Valicenti EXHIBITION P atron of the arts, collector and art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel was an ardent defender of three generation­s of artists starting out with the great Romantic and Realist masters followed by the Impression­ists and in the latter part of his career the Post-Impression­ists. The Caillebott­e Property is devoting an exhibition to the Post-Impression­ist artists that he defended in an exhibition entitled Paul Durand-Ruel and Post-Impression­ism. The show revolves around the works of five artists: Albert André, Georges d'Espagnat, Gustave Loiseau, Maxime Maufra and Henry Moret. These five artists representi­ng what is referred to as the third Durand-Ruel generation, are regularly seen on the internatio­nal auction scene, but are never the object of an exhibition. ALSO TO SEE The home where the artist and his family lived offers a journey into the lifestyle of an upper class 19th century French family. Tuesday to Sunday : 2-6.30pm. 8 rue de Concy, 91330 Yerres, 01 80 37 20 61 These painters were the direct heirs of the Impression­ist movement and it was upon the advice of Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir that the collector took an interest in them in the mid-1890s. With the same conviction and methods as he did for the preceding generation­s of artists that he represente­d, he would bring this group of artists to the forefront. He would purchase, massively, their works, guarantee monthly earnings to them, support them in public sales and organize individual and collective exhibition­s in his galleries in Paris and New York. The work of these five artists is characteri­zed by realistic paintings of landscapes, portraits, inside scenes, natures mortes, simply executed, using a clear palette of colors. This restaurant nestled in the Caillebott­e park serves authentic French cuisine in a charming, bucolic atmosphere. 2 rue de Concy, 91330 Yerres, 01 69 45 47 78 This scenic park surroundin­g the property possesses a host of ornamental features, is open year round and is free of charge. The market garden found within can be visited on Saturdays (10-12.30am / 2-6.30pm) and Sundays (2-6.30pm). 8 rue de Concy, 91330 Yerres 01 80 37 20 61 64 GREATER PARIS SPRING - PRINTEMPS 2020 |

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