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L'officiel Art - - Sommaire -

Giu­lia An­drea­ni p. 24 Em­ma La­vigne p. 26 Fran­ces­co Stoc­chi p. 27 agnès b. p. 28 Ma­ja Hoffmann p. 31 Mar­tin Ha­te­bur p. 32 Koyo Kouoh p. 33 Hans Ul­rich Obrist p. 35 Mar­tin Be­the­nod p. 36 Ni­co­let­ta Fio­ruc­ci p. 37 Si­mon Cas­tets p. 39 Na­dia Sam­da­ni p. 40 Bea­trice Trus­sar­di p. 41 Aa­ron Ce­zar p. 42 Bu­di Tek p. 44 Mi­chèle La­my p. 45 Pier­pao­lo Fer­ra­ri p. 46 EVE­RY TWO YEARS, THE VE­NICE BIEN­NALE IS THE PLACE TO BE FOR THE ART WORLD. L'OF­FI­CIEL ART HAS AS­KED 17 PER­SO­NA­LI­TIES – AR­TISTS, CU­RA­TORS, COL­LEC­TORS AND ART LO­VERS – TO GIVE THEIR OWN VI­SION OF VE­NICE, THROUGH THEIR HEART AND SENSES, FROM THEIR VE­RY FIRST TIME IN THE CI­TY OF THE DOGES TO THEIR FA­VOU­RITE PLACES AND BEST ME­MO­RIES, NOT FOR­GET­TING THEIR EX­PEC­TA­TIONS ABOUT THE 2015 ART BIEN­NALE. SEVENTEEN VOICES THAT RESOUND WITH LORD BY­RON'S WORDS: “OF THE HAP­PIEST MO­MENTS WHICH WERE WROUGHT WI­THIN THE WEB OF MY EXIS­TENCE, SOME FROM THEE, FAIR VE­NICE! HAVE THEIR CO­LOURS CAUGHT” (FROM CHILDE HA­ROLD'S PILGRIMAGE, 1812-1818).

Ar­chives from L'Of­fi­ciel de la Mode et de la Couture de Pa­ris and vin­tage post­cards.

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