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My first time was for my bir­th­day. I got there by a night train and woke up to a beau­ti­ful soft light, in the No­vem­ber mor­ning mist. And it was not with my fa­ther, if you see what I mean… It was a small pain­ting by Gior­gione La Tem­pes­ta (The Tem­pest) at the Gal­le­ria dell'Aca­de­mia. This ve­ry small pain­ting de­picts a wo­man hi­ding away un­der a tree. I love the me­ta­pho­ri­cal strength of this pain­ting… The French pa­vi­lion by Cé­leste Bour­sierMou­ge­not. I've known him for a long time. It was soon af­ter he won the In­ter­na­tio­nal Stu­dio Pro­gram of PS1. I dis­co­ve­red one of his works a sound ins­tal­la­tion - in a group show there.

I'm real­ly cu­rious to see a project by my great friend Jo­nas Me­kas in the on­ly Bur­ger King res­tau­rant in Ve­nice. The project is cal­led “The In­ter­net Sa­ga”. I don't know what to ex­pect but I trust his im­mense ta­lent. Bur­ger King: Pa­laz­zo Fos­ca­ri Con­ta­ri­ni, S.Croce 745 A, 7 May - 22 No­vem­ber and Spa­zio Ri­dot­to, “Slee­pless Nights”, 7 May – 30 June. I love Ve­nice, but I al­so love to take a boat and vi­sit the is­lands near­by…

Tor­cel­lo This is­land is full of sur­prises. I par­ti­cu­lar­ly love the Cat­te­drale di San­ta Ma­ria As­sun­ta. They say it's one of the most an­cient re­li­gious edi­fices in the Ve­ne­to, and that it contains the ear­liest mo­saics in the area of Ve­nice. Don't miss the fres­co of the Last Judg­ment which is ab­so­lu­te­ly stun­ning. Take a clo­ser look to see how people ima­gi­ned Hell at that time. Then make the most of the trip to stop by a lo­ve­ly trat­to­ria next to a lit­tle bridge.

Trat­to­ria Os­te­ria Al Ponte del Dia­vo­lo Fon­da­men­ta dei Bor­go­gno­ni, 10/11, 30100 Tor­cel­lo Tel 041-730401

Bu­ra­no Stop in Bu­ra­no where the wo­men do lace em­broi­de­ry and where the houses are pain­ted in bright co­lours so that the fi­sher­men can re­co­gnize their house from afar.

There is al­so ano­ther nice there.


Trat­to­ria "da Pri­mo" 285 Via Ga­lup­pi 30142 Bu­ra­no Tel 041-735550

Li­do I love the beach there. There are ama­zing lit­tle shells, si­mi­lar to black scal­lops. Eve­ry time I go I bring some back for my col­lec­tion.

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