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I went there as a tee­na­ger in the mid 80s to see the Bien­nale, bea­ring in mind what Gil­bert and George once said: “To be with art is all we ask”. The Swiss Pa­vi­lion of Pe­ter Fi­schli and Da­vid Weiss in 1995. I spent 30 hours over 5 days in the pa­vi­lion and on­ly saw a small part of the project. It was a kind of time pa­vi­lion. 12 screens would show a flow of frag­men­ted images, an en­cy­clo­pae­dic pro­fu­sion of scenes and si­tua­tions whe­ther essential, for­got­ten, de­ter­mi­ning or ran­dom to Man and to His­to­ry. The to­tal length of the work was more than 80 hours. Ok­wui En­we­zor's ex­hi­bi­tion, All the World's Fu­tures. Ma­ny pa­vi­lions in the Giar­di­ni among which the Ame­ri­can Pa­vi­lion by Joan Jo­nas. Her recent show at Han­gar Bi­coc­ca in Milano cu­ra­ted by An­drea Lis­so­ni was tru­ly ama­zing. Si­mon Den­ny's pa­vi­lion at Ve­nice Air­port is the first air­port Pa­vi­lion in his­to­ry of Bien­nale as far as I know.

New Zea­land Pa­vi­lion Si­mon Den­ny: Se­cret Po­wer Cu­ra­tor: Ro­bert Leo­nard. Bi­blio­te­ca Na­zio­nale Mar­cia­na, Piaz­zet­ta S. Mar­co, 7 and Mar­co Po­lo Air­port nzat­ve­nice.com

I'm al­so looking for­ward to seeing Pa­me­la Ro­sen­kranz' work at the Swiss Pa­vi­lion and her in­ter­es­ting links to the spe­cu­la­tive rea­list phi­lo­so­phers. I love the work of Ve­nice born ar­chi­tect Car­lo Scar­pa (1906-1978). My pas­sion for his work star­ted as I was tea­ching at the Uni­ver­si­ty Ins­ti­tute of Ar­chi­tec­ture of Ve­nice (UIAV) bet­ween 2000 and 2003. Be­fore he died he de­si­gned the Uni­ver­si­ty main gate, which for me was a great in­tro­duc­tion to his oeuvre. Among his pro­jects in Ve­nice, I par­ti­cu­lar­ly love the beau­ti­ful ba­lance bet­ween old and new at the Fon­da­zione Que­ri­ni Stam­pa­lia of which he res­to­red part of the ground floor and the back gar­den.

Fon­da­zione Que­ri­ni Stam­pa­lia Cas­tel­lo 5252 que­ri­nis­tam­pa­lia.it Al­so not to miss is the sho­wroom of Oli­vet­ti on St. Mark's Square (1957-1958) and his rea­li­za­tions in the Giar­di­ni: the Ita­lian pa­vi­lion and the Giar­di­no delle scul­ture (the sculp­ture gar­den) achie­ved in 1952 and the Ve­ne­zue­la Pa­vi­lion achie­ved in 1956.

And as Car­lo Scar­pa was al­so a fa­bu­lous glass de­si­gner, one can see ma­ny ob­jets d'art that he de­si­gned for Ve­ni­ni, in se­ve­ral places in Ve­nice.

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