L'officiel Art - - Venice Biennale Tribute -

“It is the trope of our times to lo­cate the ques­tion of cul­ture in the realm of the beyond. At the cen­tu­ry's edge, we are less exer­ci­sed by an­ni­hi­la­tion - the death of the au­thor - or epi­pha­ny - the birth of the 'sub­ject'. Our exis­tence to­day is mar­ked by a te­ne­brous sense of sur­vi­val, li­ving on the bor­der­lines of the 'present', for which there seems to be no pro­per name other than the cur­rent and contro­ver­sial shif­ti­ness of the pre­fix 'post': post­mo­der­nism, post­co­lo­nia­lism, post­fe­mi­nism...” The Lo­ca­tion of Cul­ture - Bor­der Lives : The Art Of The Present (1994)

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