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“Claude Lé­vêque, le Bleu de l'oeil”, Un­til Sep­tem­ber 27, Mu­sée Sou­lages, Jar­din du Foi­rail, Ave­nue Vic­tor Hu­go, 12000 Ro­dez, T +33(0)5 65 73 82 60. mu­see-sou­lages.grand-ro­

For this third tem­po­ra­ry ex­hi­bi­tion the Mu­sée Sou­lages has in­vi­ted Claude Lé­vêque to conceive an ins­tal­la­tion: the vi­si­tor will am­bu­late on a clear night be­neath the sky or the sea. Sur­roun­ded by blue ripples, he might slow­ly sink… in­to air or in­to wa­ter? Some vi­bra­tions will dis­turb the vi­si­tor's senses. The French ar­tist is al­so sho­wing a work in Mu­sée Fe­naille.

Claude Lé­vêque, “Le Bleu de l'oeil”, 2015, Sou­lages mu­seum, Ro­dez (sketches by Ro­ma­ric Etienne, 600 x 1 340 x 2 500 cm).

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