Technikart - SuperCannes - - Welcome to Cannes - By Ran­dall Price

So, if the real Grace Kel­ly were plan­ning a pic­nic to se­duce Ca­ry Grant, what would she tuck in­to her ham­per? If she stop­ped at a lo­cal Cannes bou­lan­ge­rie she might pick up a Pan Bagnat. So­me­thing like an un­cons­truc­ted, but struc­tu­red, Sa­lade Ni­coise, this stuf­fed country bread is si­mul­ta­neous­ly a rus­tic and re ned tu­na sand­wich. Please, do not even think of using Bal­sa­mic vi­ne­gar.


• 1 me­dium loaf round (boule) pain de com­pagne (country loaf)

• I clove gar­lic, pee­led

• 1 ta­bles­poon grai­ny mus­tard 1

• 2 ta­bles­poons red wine vi­ne­gar

• 2 an­cho­vies, ne­ly chop­ped

• 125 ml/ 1/2 cup olive oil

• salt and pep­per

• a hand­ful of aru­gu­la/ro­quette sa­lad • 180 g/6 ounces drai­ned tin­ned al­ba­core tu­na • 16 black Ni­çoise olives, pit­ted

• 2 ta­bles­poons ca­pers

• 2 large round spring onions, with green, sli­ced • 2 to­ma­toes, pee­led, see­ded and sli­ced

• 2 hard-boi­led eggs, sli­ced Slice off the top third of the boule in one

piece to make a lid. Pull out some of the soft crumbs from the bot­tom of the bread to make a shal­low well. Rub the gar­lic clove all over the ex­po­sed bread in­ter­ior, in­clu­ding the un­der­side of the lid, to im­part a de­li­cate avor, then save the clove for ano­ther use.

Make a vi­nai­grette by whis­king the mus­tard with the vi­ne­gar and chop­ped an­cho­vies, then slow­ly whis­king in the olive oil un­til thi­cke­ned. Add salt and pep­per to taste. Place the aru­gu­la/ ro­quette over the bot­tom of the bread.

In a bowl, crumble the tu­na and mix with half the vi­nai­grette, ad­ding the olives and ca­pers. Pat this over the aru­gu­la/ro­quette. Top with the onions, to­ma­toes and eggs and drizzle over the re­mai­ning vi­nai­grette. Re­place the top lid of the loaf.

Wrap the loaf in plas­tic and place a weight

on top to com­pact the lling for at least two hours, or over­night in the re­fri­ge­ra­tor. Cut in­to wedges to serve, af­ter nding the clo­sest thing to Ca­ry Grant and spee­ding in­to the hil­ls in a sexy sports car.

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