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For this splen­did des­sert, thank Bri­gitte Bar­dot. Le­gend says she fell in love with this des­sert, crea­ted in 1955 by Pa­tis­sier Mi­cka, when she fil­med ‘Et Dieu créa la femme.’ An al­ter­na­tive le­gend says the pas­try was ins­pi­red by a hat Bri­gitte wore. This was at the time when Bri­gitte was the big­gest sex sym­bol in the world, so it is hard to ima­gine that she wore a hat like a big beige pouf­fy pillow squat­ting on her head. So I choose to be­lieve that is exact­ly what she did. Usual­ly a Trop’ is filled with pas­try cream, but I’ve made a ligh­ter filling of whip­ped cream mixed with fig jam. Don’t put it on your head!

• 260 g (2 cups all-pur­pose flour)

• 1 pa­ckage dry yeast

• 2 ta­bles­poons + 80 ml (1/3 cup te­pid milk)

• 2 ta­bles­poons su­gar

• 1 egg

• 60 g (4 ta­bles­poons sof­te­ned but­ter)

• 1/2 teas­poon salt

• 1 ta­bles­poon orange flo­wer water

• for ba­king:

• 2 ta­bles­poons sof­te­ned but­ter, di­vi­ded

• 4 ta­bles­poons pearl su­gar (big round crys­tals)

In the bowl of an elec­tric mixer, place the flour. Make a well in the cen­ter and add the yeast with 2 ta­bles­poons of the milk, plus the su­gar. When the yeast dis­solves and be­gins to bubble, add the rest of the milk, the egg, but­ter, salt and orange flo­wer water. Beat with the dough hook at low speed un­til blen­ded, then beat at me­dium speed for 5 mi­nutes. The dough will be ve­ry soft. If it seems too sti­cky, beat in a lit­tle more flour 1 spoon­ful at a time, but it will be much sof­ter than a bread dough and clo­ser to a stiff bat­ter.

Co­ver the bowl and let it rise un­til dou­bled in vo­lume, 45 mi­nutes.

Spread a ta­bles­poon of sof­te­ned but­ter in a 25 cm/10 inch cake pan and pat the dough even­ly in the pan. Spread with the re­mai­ning but­ter and scat­ter the pearl su­gar over the top. Let rise ano­ther 30 mi­nutes.

Bake at 175C/350F un­til pale gold and firm to the touch, about 25 mi­nutes. Co­ol com­ple­te­ly.


• 3 sheets ge­la­tin or 1 ta­bles­poon


• 150 g (1/2 cup) fig jam

• 1 ta­bles­poon rum

• 1 cup hea­vy whip­ping cream

Soak the ge­la­tin sheets in water, or the pow­der in 1 ta­bles­poon water. When sof­te­ned, melt and stir in­to the fig jam and rum. Beat the cream un­til stiff, then stir in the jam.

Split the co­oled cake, spread over the jam and re­place the top. Chill be­fore ser­ving.

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