For her se­cond mo­vie as a di­rec­tor (af­ter Miele, al­rea­dy pre­sen­ted at Un Cer­tain Re­gard), the Ita­lian Va­le­ria Go­li­no com­poses Eu­fo­ria, a pop me­lo­dra­ma ele­gant and tou­ching, on fra­ter­nal love.

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« Et si tu n’exis­tais pas/Dis-moi pour­quoi j’exis­te­rais ? / Pour traî­ner dans un monde sans toi / Sans es­poir et sans re­gret. » The Joe Das­sin song en­ve­lo­ping the ope­ning scene could al­so be a the pro­gram of Va­le­ria Go­li­no’s se­cond mo­vie ; Eu­fo­ria. It’s a sto­ry of love and loss, of what we hold back to and what has to be let gone, the lies we tell to reas­sure others and those we tell our­selves be­cause they look bet­ter than the truth. This love is that of two bro­thers that eve­ry­thing seems to set apart : while Mat­teo (Riccardo Scar­ma­cio), bla­zing ho­mo, makes a for­tune as an art dea­ler and lives an ex­ces­sive life, his ol­der bro­ther Et­tore (Va­le­rio Mas­tran­drea) re­mains a tea­cher, trying to keep his head out of the wa­ter bet­ween his dying mar­riage and his obli­ga­tions as a fa­ther. He is the one that will die of a can­cer but on­ly his youn­ger bro­ther knows it and de­cides to keep it for him­self. As soon as Et­tore moves in Mat­teo’s apart­ment their li­fe­styles bind them­selves and the rest of the world doesn’t mat­ter any­more. The on­ly thing that mat­ters is this re­cent­ly found back in­ti­ma­cy, of a unique taste made of po­wer­ful af­fec­tions and sub­title do­mi­na­tions, that on­ly exist in fra­ter­ni­ty. Go­li­no’s gets the best out of his ac­tors and finds an se­duc­tive equi­li­brium bet­ween for­mal in­ven­ti­ve­ness and com­pre­hen­si­bi­li­ty ; Sor­ren­ti­no’s in­fluence is ne­ver too far. We laugh (the trip to Lon­don), we cry (the fi­nal star­ling flight), we are thril­led by the, so Ita­lian, mo­ve­ments of the crowd, but al­ways from the inside, mo­dest­ly. Right un­til the last em­brace and laun­ching of ano­ther mar­ve­lous pop song, from Tuxe­do­moon, that states the jour­ney to ac­cep­ta­tion. « In a Man­ner of spea­king/I just want to say/That I could ne­ver for­get the way/You told me eve­ry­thing. »

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